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Pasadena, MD 21122 and Crofton is the focus of our electricians this week.  We service Anne Arundel County with repairs, installs and electrical projects.  We bring decades of combined experience with professional service to bring you safer conditions.  Electrical project from a Pasadena electrician should be paired with clear communication.  We pride ourselves on 5 star reviews level of service.  Being locals and built on family values we have grown tremendously in both residential and commercial electrical projects.

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Electrician Pasadena, 21122

As mentioned previously we serve AA county MD and one of those towns is Pasadena.  Our electricians are quite experienced with the unique homes in the 21122 zip code.  Some homes are older and well inland.  Others are new construction and and within view or on the water.  The Chesapeake bay has many opportunities for upgrading electrical parts of your home which can make a large impact.  Sometimes it’s as simple as changing lighting fixtures and a room can look more modern.  It’s really quite affordable to upgrade lighting as you invest in your own home for the long run, while getting to live with the short term gains of fancy new lighting.  Our electrical industry connections allow us to bring top shelf results as trusted electricians in Pasadena, MD 21122.

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Often something as simple as a combination ceiling fan and light makes a home office more comfortable and functional.  Finishing parts of a home can be a boost to the home’s value as well as help in resell.  We are local and that means our Pasadena Electricians have a lot of experience with inspectors, getting permits properly and passing inspections to keep you a little safer.  Great results in minor and major electrical projects is important to us as much as it is to you.  We’ve built a tremendous reputation and look forward to helping you with something as simple as a light switch or something as complex as aluminum to copper wiring conversion.

Electrician Crofton 21114 – Telecommuting

We see homes, townhouses and condos in the Crofton area with our electrical projects.  Commercial “build outs” and home office electrical upgrades are also common requests.  As more people are working from home or “telecommuting” in Crofton we help with upgrading the electrical system to have a space that functions as an office.  Many times “work” will pay for reasonable upgrades to homes to fulfill the needs of people working from home.  Other times a business owner decides to build a home office and a little investment in electrical upgrades makes a large difference.  When outlets, wiring and circuits are overloaded and breakers “trip.”   Perhaps you need an outlet fixed or installed?

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You can imagine the frustration of losing work when power goes out without saved work.  We can help.  We also help with power surge precautions.  Crofton has many people working from home.  You can be more efficient with a little wiring upgrade for printer, shredder, computers, lighting and outlets for charging without “blowing a fuse.”  We have the experience with electrical renovations and remodels to make a home office work very well.  Call our Crofton electricians for a Free Estimate  410-451-0200

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