Electrician for Restaurants Crofton & Bowie

We service all across central Maryland as a trusted electrical contractor for both residential and commercial services.

This week we focus on the towns of Bowie and Crofton Maryland electricians for restaurants.  Lighting creates ambiance.  A simple way to change the look and feel of your home or restaurant, bar or shop is to change the lighting.  There have been many advances in lighting and especially lowering the cost to operate them.  Sometimes you want a large, impressive, hanging light while other places you might want a simple, subtle light for a single table.  Whatever the choice we can help with our industry connections and decades of combined experience.  We pride ourselves on getting the job done right and testing everything 100% so you can get the best value for your home, restaurant, shop or bar.  We all want long lasting results and your electrical contracting is no different.

Electrician for Restaurant Crofton Bowie MD

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to run a restaurant and finding that the outlets are not reliable?  Band can’t go on?  Karaoke setup won’t work because your circuits can’t handle the work load?  Older buildings in Crofton and Bowie can pass code and be safe however they do not function as you need them to.  This is especially frustrating in the kitchen of a home, bar, shop or restaurant.   You are trying to get things done efficiently and yet you have to know the “special order” to do things so you don’t blow a fuse or breaker.  We can help with all your restaurant lighting, outlets, circuits and panel / breaker box to get you efficient and more profitable.

Haramis Electric Crofton MD
Being locally owned and operated we know the strength of doing things right and building a great reputation.  That’s why we encourage you to check out our numerous 5 star Reviews across the internet.  If you are in need of a residential or commercial electrician in Bowie we can help with all your electrical contracting needs in Crofton and all across central Maryland.

Give us a call for a Free Estimate   410-451-0200 on dependable, experienced restaurant lighting, outlets, circuits, wiring and electrical circuit panel services.


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