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We can help with both residential and commercial electrician needs in Crofton, MD and all Anne Arundel County including restaurants.  Homes have many electrical needs like electric panel upgrades during a home renovation or addition.  They also need occasional new outlets, lighting, circuits, GFCI outlets and aluminum wiring conversion to copper.  Being locally owned and operated we get a great satisfaction from helping people right in our neighborhood.  However we also enjoy helping a local business get started or grow into a new space.  We have been fortunate to help many local restaurants with electrical needs to run their business more efficiently.

Wiring, Lighting and Outlets for a commercial kitchen can be an important part of success for a restaurant.  When all your equipment cannot run at the same time it’s a problem!  We’ve helped many with a good layout and efficiently working electrical system.  When the kitchen runs well the rest of the location can move smoothly.  Keeping breakers from “tripping” while all the cooking equipment is running and exhaust fans are working properly means a happier staff.   As Electricians in Crofton we know first hand.  Course that means a more efficient staff and ultimately a happier clientele in Crofton and all Anne Arundel County.

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Keeping your seating area well lit with up to date lighting can set the mood that you are looking for in your dining area.  Helping to layout the proper circuits outlets and lighting for large screen TV entertainment may be the right setting for your needs.  No matter your style or design our electricians can help with your electrical needs from the right light bulb to the special lighting for that great welcoming sign out front of your Crofton Restaurant.

Let us get your Restaurant or local Crofton running more efficiently with a Free Estimate: 410-451-0200

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