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Our Crofton electricians service electrical projects throughout Anne Arundel County. This week we focus on two towns, our electricians in Crofton and Bowie MD, 20715 and 20716.  With spring turning into summer the heat and thunderstorms are effecting the area. This often means installing ceiling fans. Electricians in Crofton and Bowie know that installing a ceiling fan that stands the test of time, works and looks great takes experience. You don’t need to take our word for it. Check our 5/5 star reviews for reviews of Crofton Electricians.

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Crofton Electricians Ceiling Fans

Crofton is experiencing heat and that means more fans being installed. Keeping a room comfortable with a little moving air can be a real game changer. Our Crofton electricians know the fine details to installing a ceiling fan. Having a well installed ceiling fan make a large difference in comfort. A poorly installed ceiling fan can be annoying, make terrible noises and have extra movement.

Crofton Electricians Ceiling Fans

Installing or replacing ceiling fans with a quality fan comes with good industry connections. With our decades of combined experience we know the details that make the difference. Selecting the right ceiling fan for the needs of the home, business or family is important. Perhaps you are looking for a combination light and fan. Our Crofton electricians know that personal and professional service is an important part of a great electrical project. When electrical permits are required we have the experience with the process and can keep your electrical project moving along smoothly. Give us a call or schedule your appointment today. Crofton electricians with free estimates.

Crofton Electricians Lighting Fixtures

Electricians Bowie Ceiling Lights

Bowie has some beautiful homes and businesses.  Often they have been remodeled with the latest in lighting fixtures. The nice part of lighting fixtures is that the style is subjective. What might be a great looking ceiling, pendant, sconce, flood light or recessed lighting in one person’s eyes is not so attractive to another. Unique styles and details make a house a home. Our Bowie Electricians can help with our electrical industry connections to find the right lighting fixture. So go wild with your style and we’ll be right there with you to make it happen.

Electricians Bowie Ceiling Lights

Electricians in Bowie can help with the traditional ceiling light and with the combination ceiling fan and light. Take your pick and allow our experience to solve those unique issues with your home or business. Ceiling height can influence what type of lighting fits your needs.

Ceiling light repair replace install

Our electricians for Crofton and Bowie (and all throughout AA county) have the experience to keep your electrical project moving along smoothly, on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on family values, service and respect for your home, like it was our own. Give us a call and get to know us. Speak with the owner directly and learn why so many people and businesses in Bowie and Crofton have chosen Haramis Electric as their trusted electricians.

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