Electrician Bowie for 220 Volt Outlet

Electricians in Bowie MD frequently get the request for a 220 volt outlet. These outlet upgrades are common in older homes.  When larger appliances like ovens, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, garbage disposals, freezers, air conditioners, microwave ovens and washers require a 220 volt outlet our Bowie electricians can help with personal, professional service.  We have decades of combined experience in installing these 220 outlets.

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You can read our 5 star reviews across the web and learn how others have enjoyed our electrical wiring, circuit panel upgrades and home improvement projects as well as remodeling kitchens, baths and basements.  Home additions are a great project to increase the value of a home.  220 outlets are just one of the many things you can choose to increase the enjoyment in your home.  We have provided Free Estimates and completed electrical projects for Bowie and the surrounding areas.  We test everything 100% and bring the personal service that has grown our business. 410-451-0200

220 Volt Circuits and Outlets in Bowie MD

If you are looking to make a real difference in your Bowie home or business we can help with both residential and commercial electrical projects like aluminum to copper wiring conversion.  We also see a rise in people increasing the safety of their homes with electrical panel upgrades and replacements.  Many older homes in Bowie have an electrical panel which is out of date and can be a real issue when selling or buying a home.  Unsafe, “out of code” electrical circuit panel breakers can be replaced relatively simply. 220 Volt outlets are involved in many of these home projects in Bowie, MD.

Crofton Electrician for Laundry Room Remodel

We have the experience to help with all things electrical contracting in Bowie, MD.  If you are looking for an award winning, 5 star review type of electrician in Bowie then give us a call for a Free Estimate today.  We’ll bring the safety and the personal service that we have brought to so many homes, businesses and commercial properties in Bowie MD.


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