Electrician in AA County MD for Storm Damage

Storms and flooding in Maryland has our AA County, Crofton Electricians helping with flood damage repairs and inspections.  When water is in the basement or has come in through the roof/ceiling and down the walls there’s a possibility of lingering water damage.

In older homes which passed the AA County code for electrical contracting may not be current now.  With wear and storm damage or Aluminum wiring issues can happen.  If you are hearing, seeing or feeling a difference in circuits, lights, outlets or other electrical components don’t hesitate to call.  Catching simple repairs early can make your home safer and more enjoyable for the long run.

Electrical damage from Storms in Crofton Maryland

Looking to purchase a home in AA County / Crofton?

An important thing to remember is that with the latest near record rainfall totals that many homes have had flood damage.  A pre-purchase home inspection by an experienced electrician can help to find those issues that may come up.  Knowing the electrical system and damage which may have occurred in the latest flooding can save you a lot of money, stress and time.  Our decades of combined experience right here in Crofton, Anne Arundel county and all of central Maryland can help with all your electrical contractor needs.

Electrical service for Finishing a Basement in Crofton, MD

If your home, and particularly your basement handled the last round of record breaking rainfalls in Crofton and across AA County then you’re ready to finish off the basement!  If it flooded we can help with any needed electrical repairs.

Crofton Basement Electricians

Adding more living space, investing in your home, increasing the value and making a home easier to sell are all great reasons to finish off the basement in your home.  Whether you are looking for a “man cave”, home theater, another bedroom or office we can help.  Our experience with AA County electrical code and working well with homeowners and other contractors means the project will go smoother.  Any construction project with smooth schedule, on time and on budget probably means you chose your building contractors wisely.

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Electrical Contractor in Crofton, AA County, Maryland

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