Electrical Panel Safety in Bowie and Crofton Maryland

You might be surprised at the benefit from an electrical heavy up, this is most commonly know as upgrading your electrical panel service. If you’re curious about the upgrade, our Crofton and Bowie electricians can determine whether your house can benefit from one or not. The homes that require an upgrade vary. It’s not a specific type or age of house that could be eligible for one, rather, it’s determined more on what goes on inside the home, how much electricity is being used.

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For newer homeowners heavy ups would be beneficial if you’re adding in new appliances, like tvs, washers, or generators. For others who have lived in their house for awhile your electrical panel may benefit from an upgrade just because of its age. It may also be required if you’re looking to undertake a big renovation or want to build an addition onto your house or finishing a basement with a theater room. Perhaps you are adding a “she shed”, “man cave” or larger garage? Anything that is going to require more electricity can put a toll on your circuit panel box.

Electrical panel upgrade Crofton Bowie MD

By consulting with your local Crofton or Bowie electrician you can make sure that your system is running properly and you aren’t putting too much strain on the unit. If the power is being spread thin among many different appliances there could be outages, tripping breakers and lack of efficiency. All of these could be annoying and at worst safety hazards. When you know more about your home’s electrical system you can make educated decisions and create a safer environment. If you’d like to talk with a Crofton electrician about your home’s electrical panel to determine if you need a heavy up or not, then call today. Free Estimates at 410-451-0200

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