How to Determine Whether Your Basement Needs a Sub-panel


If you’re running out of space in your main box a sub-panel for your basement could be a good idea.

With Summer being as hot as it is the basement may soon become the coolest place in your house, literally. If you’re considering giving your basement a fresh finishing then you may need to consider how you’re going to supply it with electricity. Typically, homeowners will either draw electricity from their home’s main panel or install a sub-panel specifically for the circuits in their basement. Here’s a quick rundown to help you determine which solution is best for you.

What is a Sub-panel?

A sub-panel is just an extension of your home’s existing electrical supply box. The sub-panel gives you additional breakers for your home. A sub-panel can be useful for connecting areas or buildings that farther away. Sometimes it can be costly to run each and every circuit from one end of the house to the other. Placing a sub-panel where the wiring exists adds convenience and cuts down on expenses.

Benefits of a Sub-panel

If your main electric panel is full, a sub-panel is a great way to add space for extra circuits in your home. Sub-panels are smaller in amperage size than the main panel, but it’s recommended that you install a larger panel to accommodate future needs. Although tandem breakers are another option, a sub-panel is typically a better long term investment. A sub-panel will save on the cost to run wires all across your home and will also save you countless trips back and forth when you need to make adjustments.

Cost and Installation

The cost of installing a sub-panel, including labor and materials, typically ranges between $500 and $1300. When it comes to installing a sub-panel in your basement the job is best left to a professional electrician. There are a lot of wiring and safety requirements involved in installing a sub-panel and it’s not the kind of project that’s worth risking a mess-up. A sub-panel installation will usually only take about 3 hours to complete, so the process is fairly painless.

Install a Basement Sub-panel with Haramis Electric

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