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Electrician in Davidsonville, MD 21035 with services like lighting fixtures and outlets to remodel older homes.   We also help with new construction, kitchen and bath electrical projects.  Although there are few businesses and commercial electrical needs in Davidsonville we do see some and we do provide electrical upgrades for home offices.  Many business owners live in the area and they have a home space which needs converted to an office.  Sometimes it’s a little extra wiring or an upgrade to an electrical panel to make the home office more functional and look great for visitors, clients and meetings.  Wiring for extra outlets and circuits can help to run the specific equipment and appliances needed.  We serve as residential and commercial Electricians.

Electrician in Davidsonville MD


Being locally owned and operated we spend a lot of time in Davidsonville.  You may have seen us, our crews and our trucks in the Davidsonville area like the Davidsonville Park. As our friends and family play on local sporting teams and enjoy the spaces.  We can help with electrical projects for the home in communities including but not limited to Ashley and Avila, right here in Davidsonville.  You may see our service vehicles on any of the Davidsonville roads like 424 (Davidsonville Rd.) and 214 (Central Ave.).

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Home lighting inside and out is important work for electricians in the 21035 zip code.  That lighting can help us to see and enjoy the evenings.  Outdoor lighting for gazebos, patios and decks can make the party go a little longer and enjoy more of our spaces.  Outdoor motion sensor lighting will welcome visitors and warn unwanted guests.  With the large acreage around many homes in the area it’s important to have yards well lit so animals know to keep their distance and when they do come into the yard we can see them clearly.  Indoor lighting is important to keep modern and up to date.  Under cabinet lighting is a nice touch for the kitchen electrical project and we’ve helped with many of these tasteful upgrades.

Electrician in Davidsonville MD

Davidsonville Electricians for Electric Panels and Wiring / Outlets

Our Davidsonville electricians converting older homes aluminum wiring to copper helps to keep things a little safer and more dependable.  Out of date electrical panels are also a hazard and replacing these is a great way to invest in your home or business.  When an addition or remodel project needs an electrician we are glad to help and work great with other contractors.  We know it’s important to have a home improvement project go smoothly, on time and on budget.  Give us a call for all your electrician in Davidsonville, MD 21035 and we’ll get rolling with a Free Estimate at  410-451-0200

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We service Central Maryland including but not limited to areas like Herald Harbor, Crofton, Bowie, Crownsville too.


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