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Most people don’t think about the electrical wiring of their home, they just know it works. While you may not give it a second thought, our Crofton electricians are here to ensure your home’s electrical safety as well as functionality. Modern homes don’t necessarily need to be worried about their wiring, but homeowners with houses built between 1965 and 1973 should consult with a technician to check if their wiring is done with aluminum or copper. In general, copper is the primary material for electrical wiring, but some older homes may be wired with aluminum. While it may not be as common of an issue anymore, it’s important to have your home checked if it is aluminum wiring. We can give you the assurance that your house is wired with the proper materials and if it isn’t our Crofton electricians can make the necessary changes.  We have the experience to make your “Aluminum to Copper” wiring simple and safe.

Aluminum to Copper wiring electrician

Aluminum wiring is appropriate for some projects, but doesn’t work as effectively for homes as it has been known to cause fires, spark, loose connections and shocks. Because of these safety concerns, we offer the service to update aluminum to copper wiring. If you’re looking to buy a home built during that 8 year period and are curious about what kind of wiring was used, then talk with a technician about having an electrical real estate inspection. We can go over the house’s whole electrical system, including the wiring, and let you know if there are any issues. The chances of your home being wired with aluminum are slim, but if you are concerned, consult with a Crofton electrician today.

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