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Crofton Electricians are helping with new construction as well as renovations.  With tax refund checks and a growing economy Crofton homes are going up as well as new businesses moving in.  Renovation is often a good investment in Crofton.  Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or even finishing off a basement can be a great investment but changing electrical outlets and lighting can be a cost saving alternative.  Whether you plan to make a large investment in your home or a large impact with a few lights, added outlets and ceiling fan and light combination our Crofton electricians will provide the great results.  If you want to make a big impact with a small investment learn about our lighting projects on Crofton.

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If you are looking to sell or buy a home in Crofton an electrical inspection is a great idea.  It informs you and lets you know that to expect before going further.  Everyone likes to be informed so there are no surprises and plans can be made.  This is a great time of year to get ahead of projects and enjoy the spring and summer.  Our professional electricians will help from beginning to end.  Our experience with the electrical code for Crofton will help your remodel go smoother.  Experience with inspectors, materials and industry manufacturers means that you get the added benefit from our connections.  We are well known with the home improvement community and have a great reputation for working well with other contractors to make your overall project go smoothly.   See more of our Crofton electrician projects.

Laundry room Remodel in Crofton  – Make life Easier

Electrician Crofton Laundry renovation


While it might not seem like the time for a ceiling fan you’ll be glad you did when the spring comes and windows are first opened.  Bringing in the fresh air and enjoying the perfect lighting.  With changes to the new devices and looking to charge them while watching all the others a new outlet put into the perfect spot can make life easier and more efficient.  From a single light to new construction to an electrician for commercial property we can help as your trusted electricians in Crofton, Maryland.  Give us a call or schedule online for a Free Estimate 410-451-0200

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