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Crofton electricians see more projects with more people working from home. Both residential and commercial electrical needs have increased. Home projects increase is no surprise as the more time spent at home the more we all want more comfort, efficiency in work and entertainment without sacrificing Safety.

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We are proud to have helped so many people with home and commercial projects. Having the right experience, materials and installation success is key to a smooth, on time and on budget electrical project. You don’t have to take the words of our Crofton Electricians, check our 5/5 star reviews all across the net. Crofton Electricians

Home electrical projects vary greatly with each family’s needs. Some with older homes want to update the electrical panel and a few circuits. Newer homes often want a basement finished or a garage updated with automated door openers and motion sensor lighting.

Others want a home office created from an existing space. These all usually involve updated lighting, outlets and switches. Others call Crofton electricians for ceiling lights and fan combinations to make a home office well lit and more comfortable. An extra circuit can help to keep from overloading circuits and “blowing breakers” when more than a few devices or equipment is needed in the newly converted office.

Update Electrical Systems to Avoid Tripping Breakers and Losing Work

Crofton Electricians Residential

Perhaps the more frustrating electrical issue is when the power goes out due to a circuit breaker tripping and losing precious work.  With so many online, at home and working on the computer circuits can overload. Nobody wants to lose a day of work!

Electricians projects like circuit updates for space heaters, pellet stoves and extra outlets in the winter are common across Anne Arundel County in towns like: Crofton, Galesville, Gambrills, Hanover, Herald Harbor, Lake Shore, Linthicum, Millersville, Odenton, Parole, Pasadena, Riva0, Selby Bay, Severn, Severna Park, and West River.  With the new reality of more time spent at home we are all finding more ways to be constructive and safe.

Restaurants Electricians in Crofton

Although many different businesses have had to adapt to the change with virus concerns restaurants are especially adapting. With outdoor seating, lighting and changes to the kitchens restaurants are up to the challenge.  We can help with making the electrical changes needed to make commercial businesses more flexible and following the rules needed.  Smooth inspections and great results.

We pride ourselves on local expertise on the electrical needs and safety. Not only do we want to make home, business and commercial projects a success we also want them to work efficiently. Our experience often means being able to see into the future needs. Electrical updates today can mean real results for the success of a business and success in the home.

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