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Home improvement projects seem to pop up in the spring. Our Crofton Electricians can provide the proven results with 5 star reviews and award winning personal service.  Spring projects go along with spring cleaning and improvements.   It’s time to get out and enjoy life.  Often that means a new space inside and/or out.  Outdoor lighting can change a space and make spending the evenings on the deck, porch, pool or around the property a more enjoyable time.  Our Crofton Electricians know that lighting can light ways to walk and light areas to swim, soak in hot tub or enjoy a drink on the patio with friends.  A few outlets can make those same spaces more functional for parties, “get-togethers.”  Being able to plug in the phone, tablet or speakers can make the good time last longer.  Some are even installing TVs outside, in covered places.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installations are a safer answer for your Crofton home or business.


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Spring is also a time when renovating a space inside can change how a house functions and feels.  When a room is out of date and out of function it can be hard to enjoy the space.  When circuits “trip” because too many things are plugged in it can be annoying and even embarrassing.  When the windows are open you want to be able to turn on the fan.  Perhaps a combination ceiling fan and light combo is the right answer for your space renovation or remodel.  These work great in higher ceilings.  Lower ceilings may need a recessed light to maximize the use of the space.  Our Crofton Electricians have the industry connections and decades of combined experience allow us to be a real trusted resource when it comes to remodeling this spring.


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Outdoor chores are bad enough but made even worse when there’s not an outlet around.  Or worse when there is an outlet but it works “sometimes.”  That can lead to a dangerous condition.  Perhaps this year’s spring project is to have an experienced electrician fix those sparking outlets, hot outlets and simply broken outlets should be replaced as soon as possible.  Indoors and out, electricity needs to be safe.    Our Crofton electricians share the safety first way of thinking.  Having your electrical system properly grounded is a great first step.   Up to date electrical panels, circuits, outlets and lights are all important in safety.  Older homes in Crofton can have aluminum wiring and specialize in Aluminum to Copper wire conversion.  Older homes also see more “bad” electrical panels.  Some are even missing main breakers.


Crofton electricians have the privilege and the responsibility to bring safer electrical Spring projects to your home or business. Give us a call and allow us to provide the trusted experience to your spring project in Crofton, Maryland.  We offer free estimates, personal, professional electrical contracting experience. 410-451-0200

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