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Residential Electricians in Crofton get to install and provide solutions for several needs. Often we get asked the question, “What electrical service do you install the most?” And that’s really hard to say because we provide so many different services. Sometimes it is a simple outlet issue, other times it is a electrical breaker panel. Copper to Aluminum replacements are also common and quite important. Whole house fans and ceiling fans are common for electricians in Crofton during the summer. New outlets, GFCI safety and newer styles for combination fans and lights are also popular in the Spring. Outdoor outlets and lighting and garage improvements in the summer and fall as people spend more time outdoors and doing things in the yard. Free Estimates at 410-451-0200

Safety First – Electricians in Crofton

The two crucial common repairs for homes in Crofton with our electricians are Aluminum to Copper and electrical panel upgrades aka “Heavy Ups.” Older homes built and wired with aluminum when copper was not available are becoming problems more frequently as time goes and connections become loose, hot and dangerous.

Bowie MD electric panel pushmatic dangerous

Electrical Panel Service in Crofton

Electrical Panels in homes when “Push-o-matic” styles were used need replaced to come up to code and keep everyone safer. Many of these older panels do not even have a main disconnect breaker or “switch.” These are well out of date and need attention. We have the experience to fix or replace your electrical panel in Crofton, Maryland.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Electrician in Crofton

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also important and we can help with wiring for both of these when needed. With the time change coming up this weekend it is a good time to check these if they are the older ones which rely on batteries and have no wiring as a fail safe.

Crofton Electrician for smoke detector installation

Remodel Renovate Additions Electrician in Crofton

Tax refunds are right around the corner and many people are using these to invest in their own home with remodeling. Kitchen remodel needs electrical outlets and lighting as well as moving the refrigerator freezer, oven, lights and dishwasher. Bathroom remodels can make a dramatic improvement with a few lights, GFCI outlets and exhaust fan or “heat” light. New additions, remodeling and basement finishing with a trusted experienced Crofton electrician can make your project got a lot smoother and save money. Give us a call today for a free estimate and see why we have built a great reputation and 5 star reviews as electricians in Crofton , MD.

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