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This week our Crofton Electricians focus in on some of the steps that can be helpful for locals homes and businesses.  With the heavy storm season ongoing, we hope that we can help with any issues that may arise. Or help with issues to help prevent electrical damage.  Power surge protectors, generators, up to date wiring, replacing old circuit panels and aluminum to copper wiring are just a few of the electrical projects to help keep you safe and comfortable in Crofton.

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The latest hurricane, Zeta, weakened by the time it reached our area to be mostly rain and not much destructive winds.  Leaves clogging drains and gutters have made some issues worse allowing basements to flood and test sump pumps.  Others lost power and tested their residential generator. Still others have water damage from a leaking roof in homes and businesses.  All these issues and more can impact the electrical system in a home or business in Crofton.

A residential leaking roof can impact ceiling lights, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, poor or old wiring in the attic just to name a few. Some of our commercial and small businesses get impacted from leaks and power outages, power surges and ground water flooding as well.  We have the decades of combined experience to solve the electrical issues in Crofton for both homes and commercial buildings.

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