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With the hurricane season impacting our Crofton area we focus this week on our Crofton electricians who help with repairs.  The hurricane season is usually pretty light for Crofton Maryland. However, we occasionally have a storm which makes landfall up the Chesapeake Bay. Electricians know that the hurricane season can last until the end of November but usually we see storms ending by the end of October. Storms bring lots of driving rain and this often drives water into places that usually does not go.  We are thankful for all the people who trust our electricians with repairs and those who have taken the time to write a review.

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Hurricanes and other storms in the Crofton area will also inspire people to call for residential generators. Investing in your own home is a good feeling. With more people in Crofton working from home the importance of having reliable power even when the power is out is paramount. Being able to work, stay safe and keep medical equipment running during a power outage often inspires many to call our electricians about generators.

Damage caused by local storms also result in calls. Often it’s a tree which has caused damage and a ceiling fan or light may have stopped working or come loose. Sometimes it’s the hanging outdoor lights which are more common in older Crofton homes. These hanging lights can “shake loose” some wiring and eventually “blink” on and off. We can help with money saving solutions for outdoor lighting. Our industry connections means that you can have choices of the most innovative lighting. LED lighting can save money throughout the home or business.  Motion sensor lighting can help to make things more convenient for welcome friends and family. Motion sensor lighting can also keep unwanted visitors away as the lights come on with their approach. This includes animals which like to get into trash cans and cause other damage.

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Storms also cause damage for the electrical systems in business and commercial properties in Crofton. When large bay door are driven by an electrical motor the high winds can damage the door and electrical circuits involved. Outdoor lighting for the parking lots also are at risk. Every year trees grow and often limbs will be driven by high winds and then parking lot lights are impacted and often needs repair or replacement. Not to worry this can be a good thing in the long run. Our Crofton electricians can help with money saving solutions to older lighting which cost more to operate with new and more efficient lighting systems. This not only helps with costs but also improves reliability and more light coverage.

Give us a call for a Free Estimate and learn about how Haramis Electricians in Crofton can help with your electrical projects. If you have storm damage and need an electrician we can help. If you are looking for open and honest advice give us a call and we’ll do all we can.

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