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Our Crofton electricians service Anne Arundel County, this week we focus on Crofton, MD 21114.  We serve as commercial and residential electricians. This week we write about a residential electrical project, the home office.  As more people are working from home for longer periods of time a home office is more important than ever.  Being efficient in the home work space can make a large difference in the productivity achieved.

When a space is not designated for work waste is often the end result.  Wasting time with circuits that “blow.”  Tripping circuit breakers and losing work is an incredible waste.  Even worse is loss of equipment when a power surge happens.  With more people needing an electrician in Crofton for the home office we are experienced and ready to help and increase safety.  Check our 5 star reviews and award winning work.  Ask about our Free Estimate and promise to check everything works 100%.

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Electricians in 21114 Zip Code Crofton See Increase in Home Office

Federal, state, local and private businesses are increasing the use of working from home in Crofton.  Our Electricians are seeing this first hand.  The need for an efficient home office is growing.  Sometimes the conversion is of an empty bedroom, other times it’s improving an existing home office.  Occasionally, Haramis electricians see the renovation or “finishing” of a basement space.  Remodel and additions are also popular when a home office is needed.  The savings of no commute often helps to afford the addition.  It is surprising to some, how little additional load on the electrical system for a room to trip the breaker in a electrical panel.

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Saving money on gas, car service, lunch out and work clothes people are choosing to invest in their own home office.  This helps with the resale value of the home.   It also helps as an added feature when trying to sell the home.  Perhaps the “new normal” for Crofton MD are homes with offices as a prerequisite for buying a home.  Our electricians in Crofton, 21114 can help.  Home security systems, Nest installs and motion detection lights are all excellent updates to a home or business office.

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We know the proper local codes to have your home office up and running safely.  The electrical project for a Crofton home office often includes an additional circuit for a few outlets, lights, ceiling fan and any special equipment specific to the type of office.  Occasionally an office includes more than this and steps into really interesting additions like a charging station, refrigerator or large screen TV.  Give us a call for the trusted and experienced electricians in Crofton, 21114 for your home office and all your electrical projects with a FREE Estimate.

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