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Spring is just about finished and our Crofton Electricians are busy as power outages from storms have some calls for emergency repairs and generators.  Spring and summer storms can mean a surge in power and older homes as well as poorly designed electrical circuits.  When the power outage in Crofton effects your home or business, it is frustrating.  You can do something about it.  Home / emergency generators are a good step towards having power during an outage.

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Crofton Electricians for Home Emergency Generators

With the Crofton area growing power surges can happen even without a storm.  As usage spikes with more people in the area and more power used to keep more equipment running outages sometimes happen.  Older houses, businesses and commercial properties can have outdated wiring, circuits and electrical panels which make the electrical issues worse.  Tripping breakers should not be a common occurrence.  If you are looking to be a little safer with an electrical upgrade we can help you invest in your own home.  Make your home more enjoyable, functional, attractive and safer.  Our Crofton Electricians have the experience with home generators, outlets, switches, lighting fixtures and new appliances / equipment.

Crofton Electricians for the Heat of Summer

How to Beat Summer Heat

You can save a lot of money with a small investment in your own property.  As Crofton Electricians we see many simple fixes to the heat.  Whole house fans and ceiling fans go a long way towards moving a large volume of air in a short amount of time.  It takes significantly less energy to move in cool night air through the house, rather than run an air conditioner for several extra weeks this summer.  Hot air stays “locked” in the ceiling and is hard to move without a fan.  It is impressive what an efficient fan can do to change the temperature in a room and the entire home. Electricians in Crofton have the experience to work with townhouses and other multi-level homes to keep that house a more even temperature and save your money.

Many of our Crofton electricians have first hand experience living right here in the area.  We are locally owned and operated, our money stays right here in the local economy.  We shop and live in many of the same areas you do.

We have built a trusted relationship with both families and businesses in Crofton, Maryland.  Call and get to know us, read our abundant 5 Star Reviews and see how we check everything 100%.

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