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We service Anne Arundel County as trusted electricians and this week we hone in on aluminum to copper conversions.  Electricians in the 21114 zip code see that some older homes still have aluminum wiring.  This aluminum wiring happened in much older homes.  However, it is still an important issue for safety and functionality.  Over time aluminum wiring has become problematic and often causes issues.  You don’t need to take our experienced electricians word for this safety issue.  You can read many articles from reputable sources like the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors article on Aluminum to Copper Wiring.  We can help with solving these issues and are thankful for the many reviews for our electricians in Crofton, MD 21114.

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Aluminum to Copper Wiring Conversion Electricians in Crofton, 21114

Most of the aluminum wiring in Crofton happened between 1965 to 1973, however outliers do exist.  This aluminum wiring happen mostly because of the cost of copper.  If you have any questions or requests about if your home or business my have aluminum wiring feel free to call us.  We offer Free Estimates.  Being a local electrician with decades of combined experience we are happy to help and build a trusted relationship.  Allow our electricians to keep you a little safer.  We make sure everything works 100%.

Electricians for Al to CU wiring conversion Crofton MD, 21114

Why Aluminum Wiring can become a Safety Issue in Crofton

The issues with Aluminum wiring has to do mainly with the properties of aluminum.  Compared to copper, aluminum expands and contracts more when it heats and cools.  This change has resulted in loose connections in some cases.  Light and outlet switches, can loosen at the connection point.  This means more heat is generated and the problem increases over time and often worsens.  A skilled and experienced electrician in Crofton can help to solve these electrical issues.

Signs of issues with Aluminum wiring in Crofton

With the increase in electrical devices, appliances and lighting these circuits are used more than originally designed for.  This increases the load and weak connection are effected more than their original service.  Temperatures can create a fire in extreme cases, passing inspections can also become an issue in some cases. Although safety issues can exist without any sign to the casual user, occasionally you may feel a “hot” face plate, switch or outlet.  Circuits in Aluminum may stop working, lights may flicker.  You may smell burning, smoking, hot plastic.

Crofton electrician for Aluminum to Copper wiring conversion

Single strand aluminum wiring can be particularly filled with issues.  Nobody wants to fail an inspection and have issues with buying or selling a house over an issue which can be avoided.  Insurance companies may have issues with aluminum wiring so it is important to know the facts and speak with your insurance company if you have any questions.


Citing the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

(CPSC) staff and other government officials have investigated numerous hazardous incidents and fires throughout the nation involving aluminum branch circuit wiring. A national survey conducted by Franklin Research Institute for CPSC showed that homes built before 1972, and wired with aluminum, are 55 times more likely to have one or more wire connections at outlets reach “Fire Hazard Conditions”1 than homes wired with copper.

aluminum copper wiring conversion in Crofton 21114

Our Crofton Electricians have the experience, materials and the equipment necessary to solve the aluminum to copper wiring issues.  Allow our efficient crew to make the most cost effective, high value repairs to save you time and money while your safety is increased.

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