Crofton Electrician – Why Do My Outlets Only Work Sometimes? Outlet Costs?

Our Crofton electricians get many questions about electrical projects and needs. Many of the question are related to outlets. We solve outlet issues for both residential and commercial building in Crofton and all across Anne Arundel county. Chances are you’ve asked one of these questions about outlets: (all of these have multiple possible answers, it is safest to contact a professional electrician when working with electricity, even trouble shooting can be deadly)

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Why are only some of my outlets not working?

This could be a circuit issue, as simple as a tripped breaker at the electrical panel, also could be a GFCI issue. This also could be wiring at the outlet, circuit or issue at the breaker panel. Be Safe contact a professional electrician.

How can you tell if an outlet is bad?

If only one outlet in a room (on the same circuit) is not working properly, good chances that the outlet is the issue, however wiring or a breaker may also be the issue. Be Safe contact a professional electrician.

What would cause multiple outlets to stop working?

This could be a circuit issue, as simple as a tripped breaker at the electrical panel, also could be a GFCI, loose wiring, possible aluminum wiring in older houses in Anne Arundel County.

How much does an electrician charge per outlet?

This will vary with the condition, equipment, location indoor/outdoor, number of outlets, other work needed and type of outlet, replace or install new… If we are there for other work we are happy to solve these issues as well as a more than reasonable cost.

Do I need an electrician to change an outlet?

It is always safest to use a licensed, bonded, insured, experienced electrician, it may sound self serving, however house fires are a reality and some insurance may not cover electrical work done by anyone other than a professional electrician. Check with your insurance company, save and be safe with a professional electrician and have peace of mind.

Why do electricians install outlets upside down?

Some electricians will install an outlet “inverted” or upside down when it is the outlet wired to a switch. This allows for an easy visual indicator which outlet is connected to a switch.

How much does it cost to have plug sockets installed?

This also is hard to give an accurate estimate without seeing the circumstances. There are many conditions, some simple like moving an outlet compared to installing a new outlet where none existed previously, thereby needing additional wiring, or even a new circuit. Talking with an electrician directly is the best way to know this cost for sure so that no surprises come later.

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We wish there was one simple answer for any of these questions, however each one has multiple possible answers. All of these have conditions which requires an electrician to be present and see all the conditions.  Costs can vary depending on the root of the problem.  Our Crofton electricians are very happy when we can show up and help out with the simple and the complex electrical outlet problems. Being a local electrician we know many of our customers for a long time, we know them personally and professionally.

If you have any electrical questions and are looking for a Free Estimate  from a Trusted Crofton Electrician give us a call.

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