Crofton Electrician Renovate Laundry and Basements

Our Crofton Electricians have years of experience in renovating homes. Two electrical contracting services that are quite common are Laundry rooms and Basements.  When a home is older the laundry room is often in need of an update.  This not only looks better but it also functions more efficiently. If you can save time with a few simple updates you can enjoy your Crofton home and spend more time doing the things you like.  When our trusted Crofton electricians update your laundry room you have created a selling Feature when it’s time to sell the home.

Crofton Electrician for Laundry and Basement renovations

Crofton has a mixed age of homes.  Some are older, some mid aged and many homes, townhouses and condos are new construction.  Whatever the age of your home we can help with an electrical upgrade.  Older and mid-aged homes will often need a little more wiring, circuit or electrical panel updates to accommodate a new dryer or replace an older, smaller washer.  From the simple task of moving an existing outlet to more robust electrical service in Crofton, we have the experience to have your project move smoothly.  We live here too and know what it’s like to go through a renovation or home improvement project.

Crofton Electrician for Laundry Room Remodel


The electrical system update may not be your first concern when finishing a basement.  However, it’s a good thing to speak with us early in the process to save time and money.  We’ve been helping both commercial and residential clients and have the experience to lend some advice if you need a little help.  Building codes for Crofton, AA County and all of Maryland can be intricate and hard for someone not familiar with them.  Our decades of combined experience means we can help as a trusted Crofton electrician but we can also help as a trusted neighbor.  You may save a lot of time, space and money going with recessed lighting.  Understanding what to expect from your electrical panel and existing circuits at an early stage can save you from expensive changes later in the process.

When you are ready for a home renovation of any type involving electrical needs give us a call.  We offer Free Estimates and Personal Professional Service from our Crofton Electricians.  From Laundry and Basements to bathrooms, kitchens and additions as well as commercial services we look forward to solving your electrical needs with our Electricians in Crofton, Maryland.


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