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It’s the time when real estate heats up in Crofton, Maryland.  As trusted electricians in Crofton we have many realtors and homeowners who depend on us.  We have helped many on all sides of the real estate transaction.  Sometimes it’s a realtor who calls and wants help with a questions or needs an inspection.  A reputation is developed and we get to know many good realtors in Crofton.

Other times it’s the homeowner who knows the importance of getting the electrical system for the home straight and up to date with the latest lighting, outlets and electrical breaker panel.  Sometimes it’s the right updated look, sometimes it’s the right fixes to pass code and be safe.  Does anything break a real estate deal faster than an unsafe home?


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Crofton Electricians for Selling a Home

Having the experience as a trusted electrician in Crofton for buying or selling a home we get to see many things from an unique position.  Overwhelmingly everyone involved wants to do it right and have the electrical system up to date and within building codes.  Nobody wants a failure at the last minute because an inspection cannot happen on time.  Occasionally someone is wanting a quick fix and this is unfortunate.  Many see their electrical system as a selling point.  Modern lighting, outlets and a safe electrical panel with the proper fixes for aluminum wiring are all important in the Crofton, Maryland area.

Electrical inspections for buying or selling a homes doesn’t have to be hard.  We have the experience to not only inspect properly but to help with any repairs needed.  We also have helped to make a home sell faster with a few simple upgrades.  There are a lot of high value changes that can be made to the electrical system in a home to make it more appealing to everyone.  Adding value to your home is a big win for everyone.  Selling faster for more money.

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Crofton Electricians for Buying a Home

When buying a home in Crofton our electricians have helped to increase the value of the home in a short time.  Some real estate buys are real bargains, this is often the case when a buyer wants a real estate electrical inspection.  Buying a home which needs a little work or have not be updated nor remodeled can mean almost immediate increase in a homes value with a few simple home improvements.  Some older homes or homes which have been neglected in Crofton can increase in value with upgrades to the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom lights, fans and appliances.  Kitchens simple under cabinet lighting has been popular in many cases.

No matter where you are in the Real Estate process of buying or selling a home in Crofton, Anne Arundel County or all central Maryland our professional electricians can help.  Free Estimates are a great way to get acquainted and build trust.  We’ve helped so many deals to go smoothly we can help with yours too.  Give us a call 410-451-0200

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