Crofton Electrician for Laundry Room

Are you considering installing or updating your home laundry area?

If so, then contact our Crofton electricians for your wiring needs. In today’s home laundry areas you will typically find three different amperage (amp) circuits – a 15-amp circuit for lighting the area; a 120-volt, 20-amp circuit for the washing machine; (electric) dryers require 240-volt (for the heating element) and 120-volt power (clock, timer, an any miscellaneous “features”). The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires ground-fault circuit-interrupter (commonly referred to as GFCI) protection for all standard outlets used in a laundry area (it is not required for a 30-amp electric dryer outlet).

Electrician Laundry room upgrade

Room/area wiring is determined by the room itself – are the walls concrete, studded by unfinished, or covered in drywall, these all impact how the wiring and outlets are installed. Knowing and following NEC guidelines and Anne Arundel County Code is critical to ensure your room meets all standards for safe and efficient operation. Offering free estimates, our Crofton electricians have the knowledge and skilled professionals required to handle any electrical update, upgrade, or new installation. No job is too big or too small for our crew. We take great pride in making sure our customers are happy with the service they receive from us. Our Crofton electricians will show you why those requiring electrical work come to us! Getting the proper help for your electrical needs starts with a call to 410-451-0200 appointments can also be scheduled online via our website.

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