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Garage remodeling often is most efficient, saves money and increases functionality with help from a trusted electrician. As time goes by our needs from our homes change. When first moving into a home an unfinished garage may be fine. As time passes the need for a more functional garage happens. Our Crofton electricians can help with all your electrical needs. When a garage needs a home EV / Tesla Charging system we can bring our experience and help.

Crofton Electrician Garage

When it’s time for converting the manual garage door into an automated / remote control garage door we can help. Wiring and circuits for finishing or upgrading a garage is very important. If you see in the near future that a few new piece of equipment is going to be added we can help from the start. There’s no need to waste money and time when breaking through walls to install new lines. Our experience can help you get it right the first time and wire things so that you have great functionality now and options for the future.

You don’t have to take our word for our experience and results you can check our 5/5 star reviews all across the internet.¬† Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook are just a few places that hold our reviews.

Crofton Electrician Garage remodel

People looking to remodel or “finish” their garages often are concerned about lighting, standard outlets and special outlets for larger equipment. Garage doors, automated / motion sensor lighting and switches to make life easier are common requests for our Trusted Crofton Electricians. We are ready to bring our experience to your garage updating project. Give us a call for a Free Estimate and let’s get started.

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