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With summer temperatures on the way it’s a great time to get to know your trusted Crofton Electricians.  We’ve been helping homeowners, business owners and commercial property owners / managers for a long time with electrical contracting.  Those summer temps can mean a house which is hotter than need be, and higher A/C bills.  Perhaps a whole house fan, or replace your old, lower powered attic fan is the answer.  Removing air from the attic for many houses is a great answer and saves money really fast.

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Electricians for Attic, Ceiling & Whole House fans in Crofton, MD

Commercial properties and businesses also can benefit from fans for the building.  Quality Air conditioning is a great answer for the high heat of summer but there’s no need to throw money away.  An attic full of hot air can mean turning on the AC much earlier and running it much longer on a daily basis.  These costs add up.  An attic fan or whole house fan installed by a trusted licensed electrician in Crofton can solve many issues.

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Smaller fans inside the home can also help.  A ceiling mounted fan and light combo can be a great solution.  When rooms in the top level of the home get hot first and stay that way a ceiling fan can help.  A combo with light can also help to make the room more functional and even change the “feel” of the room.  There are many options for fans and lights to help with the decor and the function of the space.  Commercial and business can use large fans to move air and keep customers, shoppers, employees and clients more comfortable.

Give our Crofton Electricians a call for a Free Estimate on your cooling and money saving needs this summer.  Call not before it gets hot and schedules are tight.  We’ve helped many with our 5 star, award winning electrical services and we can help you too.


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