Crofton and Bowie Electricians Fixes – Snow Damage

With the latest snowfall our Crofton and Bowie Electricians have been busy helping with electrical repairs.  We service all across central Maryland but this week we focus on the electrical contracting needs in Crofton and Bowie, Maryland. Perhaps the snow fall has made a tree come down and damage your home or business.  We can help to solve those electrical issues and get you safely back in your home.  When large trees come down they can do tremendous damage.  This can also be a blessing in disguise.

Finding that a electrical panel, circuit breaker box or aluminum wiring issue has been damaged it is often covered by insurance.  While nobody wants to go through that damage and inconvenience it can be the right time to replace that dangerous, circuit panel.  It also creates an opportunity to replace aluminum wiring.  Both of these require an electrician in Bowie or Crofton and they can make your home or business much safer.  These electrical upgrades can also help with buying or selling a home.  When the electrical inspection fails late in the house selling or buying process it can be a time crunch and costly.  When repairs are done on schedule and timely they are often a large gain to the homeowner.

Electrical issues after snow in Crofton and Bowie Maryland

If a well meaning Snow plow has thrown snow or even impacted your area the outdoor electrical pole may be damaged.  Having a working outdoor light on a pole near the road or driveway can be a nice way to light the area around your Crofton or Bowie property.  However that snow plow might not have meant to clip the edge while plowing the driveway.  We can help with your indoor and outdoor lighting issues.

Snow Damage in Cowie and Crofton Maryland

Snow Shovel or Snow Plow Damage a light or Outdoor outlet in Bowie or Crofton?

The snow can also bring a shovel to impact an outdoor outlet or light.  Our Crofton and Bowie Electricians can help to get that outdoor outlet working once again.  A great safety tip is to check those outlets and lights once the snow is gone and before the spring comes and outlets and in use once again.  During the middle of a party at your home is a bad time to find that an outlet was damaged and no longer works.

Haramis Electric Reviews Crofton MD

We can help with all your Bowie and Crofton Electrician needs.  Give us a call for award winning work and 5 star review electrical contracting service.

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