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Our Bowie electricians can help with any electrical projects that you’re looking to complete for a Safer home. One project that we frequently get from homeowners is rewiring aluminum wiring to copper wiring.  This might start and be found with a light switch. This is an especially popular request from homeowners who have moved into an already built home because they were not apart of the construction process. To cut costs during the initial electrical wiring during construction, some homeowners or builders opt out of having their ceiling fans wired to a light switch. During a time when copper was scarce some used Aluminum wiring.  This proved dangerous and needed much more servicing.  Back to the ceiling, this leaves future homeowners with a ceiling fan and light that they have to use chains to turn on. While not a complete headache, it’s definitely inconvenient. It can especially be bothersome during the summer when you have to wait around to see if you pulled the fan’s chain enough times for it turn off.

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Bowie Electricians for Aluminum to Copper Wire Conversion

Our Bowie electricians can work to rewire your room from Aluminum to Copper.  Even a simple repair so that you can easily access your fan and light with the flip of a switch. Small changes like this can make a big difference in your day to day life. Rewiring is just one of the many ways our electrical technicians can improve your Bowie or Crofton home. There’s plenty of home projects like this that require just enough know-how that it’s better to hire a professional to complete it. If you can think of one or two small projects you’ve been looking to have completed for a while, then reach out to a Bowie electrician today, so that they can get started.  We can help to find if your Bowie home has Aluminum wiring and how to use our experience to fix this properly and cost effective.

Our Service areas in Bowie include but are not limited to Zip Codes: 20715, 20716, 20717, 20720, 20721, 20718, 20719

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