Bowie Electrician Residential Services

Our Bowie Electricians work in both commercial and residential properties.  This week we focus on the residential electrical contracting.  Bowie has a great mix of older, middle aged and new homes.  We’ve worked in all of them.  If you are building a new home and are looking for a trusted, insured, professional electrician we’re the one to call.  Starting with our personal service and Free Estimates.

Bowie Electrician for Home Renovation

If you are looking to renovate or remodel this spring give our Bowie electricians the first call.  You may think that electricians can be called in later but in fact the earlier we get involved the better. Many building codes work around the safety of the electrical system.  Changes later in the renovation process can be costly.  But proper planning up front can save money.  We’ve helped a lot of home owners with their home improvements, renovations and remodel of bathrooms, bedrooms, finished basements, kitchens and garages.  Put our Award winning Bowie Electricians to work for your home.

Crofton Electrician for Home Inspection

Bowie Electricians for Lighting

One of the simplest, yet impactful updates to a home – is the lighting.  Updating lighting can make a dramatic difference in a small amount of time.  Our Electricians in Bowie can help with more than just the update but also to be more efficient.   LED lighting, motion sensors and new fixtures can make a real impact.  Lighting changes can be both indoor and outdoor.  The entry to your home, the path leading to your home and the safety of motion sensors can transform the outdoor space.  Garage lighting can help to make a workroom, “she shed” or “man cave” more functional.

Outlets from Electricians in Bowie MD

Outlets can easily overlooked.  We are never more amazed then when a home owner calls after a simple install of an outlet in the “perfect place” and then wants more.  Convenience of an indoor outlet in an older home can bring charging things up to date.  Over loaded circuits are a safety issue and are simply annoying, give our Bowie Electricians a call.  When you can’t charge your devices while enjoying the evening in the same room it’s time for an update.

Electrician Wiring in Crofton

Bowie Electricians for Aluminum to Copper Wiring

Bowie has some great homes which were built between the years of 1965 through 1973 when copper wiring became extremely expensive.  Some aluminum was used at the time.  This has shown to be an issue for safety over time.  Bowie electricians have the experience, equipment, materials and industry connections to solve your aluminum wiring issues.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate.

Circuit Panel Upgrades by Bowie Electricians

Older smaller homes which have been renovated, or plan to be, might need a Circuit panel update.  Older “push-o-matic” panels have proven to be riddled with issues.  One of the most serious is their inability to have a main shut off.  Running hot and/or tripping breakers are another sure sign.  If you are running more equipment and appliances than your Bowie home was designed for you may benefit from an electrical panel upgrade.  Call for a trusted Bowie Electrician 410-451-0200


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