How to Avoid Overloading Your Home’s Outlets


It’s important to make sure you aren’t overloading your electrical outlets.

Older homes are not always equipped to properly handle the demands of today’s power requirements. With the ever-increasing use of gadgets, gizmos and appliances the needs of many families are always on the rise. Unfortunately, overloading your home’s electrical system will put you at risk of an electrical fire, and electrical fires are one of the leading causes of structural damage each year. Here’s a few electrical safety tips for how you can prevent the dangers of an overloaded outlet in your home.

Electrical Fire Prevention

  • You should never plug more than two appliances into the same outlet or piggyback appliances on extension cords/wall outlets. Only use outlets that are specifically designed to handle multiple plugs.
  • Most outlets or circuits should not exceed 1,500 watts. It’s a good idea to know how much power your specific outlets or circuits can handle.
  • Appliances that use up a ton of power, such as refrigerators, dryers, washers, stoves, and air conditioners, all need their own direct wall outlet.
  • Install new outlets if you need more accessibility, and contact a professional electrician if you are having problems with your outlets/circuits overloading.

Warning Signs

Always be on the lookout for warning signs that could indicate an electrical system overload. If you experience any of these signs you should get your home inspected by an electrician.

  • Flickering or blinking lights, or unusual dimming.
  • Blown fuses or circuit breakers that trip unusually often.
  • Warm/discolored cords and wall plates.
  • Crackling, sizzling or buzzing sounds coming from your outlets.

Handling an Electrical Fire

If an electrical fire occurs in your home, call 911 or another appropriate emergency service immediately. If you absolutely must put out an electrical fire yourself, always use a dry fire extinguisher or baking soda. Never attempt to extinguish an electrical fire with water. Try to turn off the main power source of the fire, and avoid handling the fire yourself if at all possible.

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