Advantages/Disadvantages of Smart Smoke Detectors

smart smoke detectors

A smart smoke detector could be a useful addition to your home.

As an updated generation of connected fire and smoke detectors hit the market, it’s important know which really are “smart” and which are just trying to cash in a a buzzword. Not every smoke detector labeled a “smart smoke detector” truly delivers the utmost in safety for your family and home. Here’s what you need to know to make sure that you are getting the protection for you and your loved ones that you deserve.

Why Choose A Smart Smoke Detector

A detector that is part of a fully integrated Smart Home is always safer, more practical, and more highly efficient than a standalone old school smoke or fire detector. Updates in technology have led to increased safety so you can act quickly in case of emergencies. Here are three things to look for in a smart smoke detector.  

Automatic Emergency Services Alerts

Fire and smoke detectors play a large role in not only your safety, but the safety of your community. During an emergency, a smart smoke detector that contacts emergency services means they will get there as soon as possible and give you one less thing to worry about. Also, if you are away from your home during an emergency, this guarantees that emergency services will be contacted before the fire can spread.

A Wifi-Dependant Smoke Detector Is A Risk

Loss of internet service, power outages, and an unreliable wifi signal can mean that your device won’t be able to send emergency alerts when you need them most. As many types of natural disasters and incidents can potentially disrupt wifi, depending on it in this way is a risk. Detectors in essential areas may not function if they happen to be in wifi signal weak spots.

Smart Smoke Detectors Work Best As Part Of A Connected Home System

Standalone devices only understand a single part of your home, which can be a potentially costly situation. A fully integrated smart home uses information from both within and without a number of parts of the home, which empowers your home to take the right action if an emergency occurs.

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