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Crofton Maryland 21114 electricians have the privilege of helping families and companies with their electrical needs from home renovation and new construction to large commercial projects we’ve provided superior results.  We stand behind our words with

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  • We Do the job Right
  • We Check that Everything works 100%

We’ve grown from a small electrical company in Crofton MD into a large, trusted, upfront pricing and High Customer Satisfaction contractor.  Our reputation has grown along with every job as we bring family values and promised results as electricians in Crofton MD 21114.

Electricians in Crofton MD 21114

Electrician in Crofton – 12/15/17

 Electrical Service for the Holidays

While the holidays are a time of cheer they can be a time of stress if not prepared. Our Crofton electricians can help lighten your load. When it comes to decorating your home you may need an outdoor outlet so that you are not stringing electrical cords out windows, letting the cold in and the heat out.  Stringing extension cords our doors or windows can also leave you feeling less safe instead of locking windows and doors.  There’s no need for that risk, loss and safety hazard.  Outdoor electrical outlets can being more advantages than just holiday lighting, throughout the year an outdoor outlet can make your home more efficient and functional.  Give us a call for outdoor electrical outlets at your Crofton home.

Electrical Contractor Crofton Lighting

Being a locally owned and operated electrical contractor in Crofton we can help with the added bonus that we’ll check your home’s electrical panel, Aluminum wiring converted to copper, spotlights, motion sensor lighting and all your indoor electrical needs as well. This means we’re not just immediately plugging in multiple decorations and creating a possible safety hazard, blowing fuses or tripping breakers. Safety is our Crofton electricians’ top concern. With our experience you can have the confidence from the very start of a project, we’ll check if there are any signs an issue. If there is a problem with your panel, circuits or other electrical issue, we can share that with so you can be informed and be able to plan for a great holiday season. This would be appropriate for any system that is experiencing issues with power that may be more than it can handle as your Crofton home’s electrical needs have grown. When you reach out to us you’re not only having your lights taken care of, but you also get the affirmation that everything in your home is working properly. This is something that you would never be sure of if you were hanging electrical cords around the property. Holiday lights are something you only do once a year, make sure you get everything exactly how you want by working with one of our Crofton electricians for residential electrical services.

Electrician in Crofton – 12/08/17

 Electrical Service for Buying or Selling a Home

Getting your home ready to be sold on the market is a lot of work. Preparing to buy a home can cause a lot of questions for electrical renovations.  Our Crofton electricians are here to make sure that your home’s electrical system is running properly and is safe to sell or your new purchase is up to code. Knowing that a home has been thoroughly checked and has a trusted company’s stamp of approval will make the house more enticing for prospective buyers. Being that new buyer you can make the home your own with your taste of lighting, special wiring for a hot tub, game room or converting bedrooms into offices or vice versa.  Purchasing a house is a big investment, no one wants to pay for something that they are not 100% sure about. Make potential buyers feel more comfortable with their decision by providing them with the knowledge that your home meets all the proper safety codes. If you are considering buying you can contact us about all your electrical upgrade questions.

Electricians in Crofton for Lighting

The home inspections performed by our Crofton electricians are full top to bottom checks, starting with the house’s electrical panel. From there, we inspect the wiring, as well as all of your home’s outlets, lights and circuits. Our experience in the Crofton area can help with rarely known issues like aluminum wiring.  This check ensures the safety of a house and that there aren’t any red flags that purchasers should be worried about, whether you are buying or selling. In addition to this inspection, we can also take a look at your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These are another important element of a Crofton home’s safety system. We know the electrical code and the local steps needed to have the proper placement and technical requirements.  By allowing us to do a full exam of the house we can work double time- inspecting and fixing any possible issues that may arise. Calling one of our Crofton electricians ensures that your home is safe and that any problems are quickly tended to.  Free Estimates: 410-451-0200

Electrical company for outdoor lighting in Crofton

Electrician in Crofton – 12/01/17

 Bathroom Remodel Lighting

Updating lights can instantly take a room from dull to brilliant. Our Crofton electricians know that great lighting not only helps to brighten a room, but also your mood. It can be practical, functional and pleasing. This is especially true for bathroom updates. One project we see being requested more often is under cabinet lights. Adding lighting below cabinets makes it easier to see at night without having to turn on overhead lights, which can sometimes be too overpowering in the evening. We’ve also had suggestions for having dimmer switches installed for the same reason. These options give bathrooms softer illuminations that aren’t as harsh.

Electrical Company in Crofton for Bathroom remodel

Our electricians in Crofton can also add lighting above or on the side of mirrors. With all the different types of lighting that are popular for bathrooms you have many choices for decorating the space. We can work with you to decide which types of lighting would be best for the room and which fixtures fit well with the design of the space. Working with wires and electricity can be frustrating for the novice, no matter what room in the house you’re renovating.

From bathroom lighting, outlets, switches, fans, recessed lighting or accent lighting for the mirror, we’ve done it all.  Lighten your task load by leaving this work up to us and increase your safety. Whether you’re finishing your basement or updating your bathroom, there’s plenty of guidance and expertise our Crofton electricians can provide to make the project easier.  410-451-0200

Electrical company bathroom lights in Crofton

Electrician in Crofton – 11/24/17

 Electrical Panel Serivce Crofton

You may think that as long as your lights come on that everything in your home’s electrical system is running smoothly, but a Crofton electrician can let you know that that’s not the case. Even something as simple as a flickering light can be a sign of a larger issue. If you’ve experienced this then make an appointment today about having your electrical panel inspected and possibly upgraded. It may be something simple as a loose connection, simple and quick to fix.  However, if it is more complex and not dealt with right away this could become a safety issue, putting you and your family in danger. Our residential electricians in Crofton will come out to your home and assess the situation, providing you with the guidance on how to go forward.

Electrical company in Crofton

If there is an issue then they can quickly figure out what new panel would be best for your home and have it installed as soon as possible. Working with electricity is not something that should be handled by those who are untrained, which is why we highly recommend leaving this job to one of our skilled professionals. We know the electrical code for Crofton, Anne Arundel County and all Maryland. While it may not be as apparent as the lights not coming on, outlets that don’t work or circuits that “blow the fuse” or “trip the breaker” can also be signs of an electrical panel that’s in need of some attention. Any homeowner that has had their panel for over 25 years, is experiencing electrical issues, or has added large, new appliances to their home is a candidate for an upgrade. If you fall into one of those categories, then talk with a Crofton electrician about inspecting or upgrading your system today.  We’re the “Electrician Near Me” in Crofton Maryland 21114.  410-451-0200

Electrical Circuit Panel Upgrade

Electricians in Crofton – 11/17/17

 Basement Electrical Renovation, Remodel in Crofton

Nothing makes a better hangout space than the family basement, so if yours is less than ideal, then consider doing a design update with our electricians in Crofton. One of the first steps when it comes to finishing your basement is planning out what your electrical needs for the space will be. A consultation with one of our experienced contractors is all you need to start planning your room renovation with wall mounted TVs, ceiling fans, special outlets and more.

Crofton Basement Electricians

With the help of one of our Crofton Electricians you can work together to figure out the best layout for your room based on what you want to use the area for. The proper design can help you get the most out of the space. An updated basement extends the available living area of your home, increasing its value and appeal. Perhaps you are looking for an electrician to help with recessed lighting for a low ceiling, pool table, bar or other special design.  We can help.

Electricians for recessed lighting in Crofton

After years of work, we have the skills necessary to efficiently complete the job, working with you to turn the basement you’ve been dreaming of into a reality. Whatever you’re thinking up, don’t stop at the basement! We can help renovate any room in the house that you’re looking to update. From bathrooms to bedrooms, any refurbishing project in the Crofton and all Anne Arundel County area where you need electrical assistance make sure to give our Trusted Crofton Electricians a call.  410-451-0200

Electricians in Crofton – 11/10/17

 Garage Electrical Services in Crofton

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of working on your projects. Our Electricians in Crofton can turn a garage area into your own private workspace by installing better lighting, outlets and circuits in your garage. A well lit garage means you can extend the time to work on hobbies and home improvements while still being sheltered inside. It also means you can work on your projects long into the night. Our services go beyond just lighting, we can also set up circuits to be used by your bigger pieces of equipment, from fridge to welder.

Electrician for Garage renovation

We can even wire your workbench, so you can have all your essentials plugged in right where you need them. Your garage can be more than just a place to park your cars. With just a little bit of room, along with the simple addition of lights and a table, your garage can be turned into an extended workplace area for all your projects. As an electrical company in Crofton we know the importance of good lighting, which is why we are dedicated to lending our services wherever you see best fit for your home. You may not have thought of adding a ceiling fan to enjoy the garage in the summer heat or gently move warm air in the fall.  Save time and space with a ceiling light and fan combination.

From garage lighting to holiday decorations we can help bring to light any ideas you may be having on how to better improve your personal space to make it more usable and enjoyable.  Improving the electrical service in your garage can work as investment into your home’s value.  Whether you are thinking of selling or staying in the home for life your upgrade of the garage electronics is a smart investment.  Our Free Estimate makes the choice simple.  We’re the “Electrician Near Me” in Crofton MD.

Garage Ceiling fan and Light combo


Electrician in Crofton – 10/27/17

 Electrical Circuits in Crofton

Think about all the things in your house that are constantly plugged in. Now add to that the number of things you plug in throughout the day. Finally, think about all the additional things that use electricity during the holiday season- all the decorations, lights, and cooking appliances. Do you think your electrical system can handle all of these devices?  Our Crofton Electricians can help.  Do you “blow a fuse” or “trip the breaker” when Thanksgiving cooking and guests are using the electrical system in the house?  If you’re unsure, now is the perfect time to call for a Free estimate on an electric panel upgrade before the holiday rush. We encourage any Crofton homeowner who is expecting high electrical traffic in the upcoming months to consider having a heavy up. This electrical boost is also a necessity for any house with a panel that is over 20 years old. An upgrade will not only allow your house to run more appliances, but it will also make your system safer to use. A spotty electrical unit can become a fire hazard, which is the last thing you need during the holiday season. Chances are that one of the last things on your mind during the festivity frenzy is your electric panel, which it is why it’s important to deal with it now. On the topic of home safety, we can also install ground fault current interrupters and arc fault current interrupters. We are your trusted, local electricians in Crofton that can ensure your system is running properly and safely.

Circuit Panel repair in Crofton


Electrician in Crofton – 10/20/17

 Indoor Lighting in Crofton

Is your home the main spot for get-togethers and holiday parties? As Electricians in Crofton, we can help bring your house to its fullest potential by working with you to create an inviting space that will make all your guests feel welcome. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen we can create a space that is comfortable for you and your family to enjoy. You can make a large impact when renovating with fantastic lighting.  We work with you to plan out the right lighting and fixtures for your space, creating the warm atmosphere you’re looking to have. We want to make your house feel more like a home. Since we are a local electrical contractor in Crofton, we can give each job the personal attention it deserves, something that can be lost when hiring a big electrical contractor for the project. While prepping for the holidays we also suggest that you hire our company to check or install new smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.  This will help to keep your home environment as safe as possible, giving you one last thing to worry about and a new addition and investment in your Crofton home for the holiday season. Make an appointment with us before the holidays begin, so you have enough time to plan out your exact thoughts for your space and can have everything ready for before the first guests arrive.  You’ll love our personal, professional service as Electricians in Crofton, Maryland.

Electricians in Crofton Accent Lighting


Crofton Electrician Reviews

Electrician in Crofton – 10/13/17

 Emergency Generators in Crofton

Fall will see rainfall and some powerful storms.  When winter hits Maryland is bound to get a snowstorm or two. For some local residents a storm can lead to a power outage, even Electricians in Crofton. If your power goes out do you have a plan of action? How will you see at night? Where will you put all your food from the refrigerator and freezer? How will you charge your electronic devices? If you’re unsure of what you would do we have a simple solution- to install a generator. When it comes to generators there are two main varieties, permanent and portable. While a portable generator may be more enticing now for its lower price tag, a permanent generator will pay off in the end. A portable generator can only power very little, like your refrigerator, plus they have a finite amount of energy. Permanent generators can run longer and fuel more. This means you don’t have to sacrifice your hot water and heat for cold food, or vice versa. Permanent residential generators in Crofton are also powerful enough to keep your sump pump running, so you don’t have to live with the fear of flooding during a storm. If you decide to go with a permanent generator it may seem more cost effective to try and install it yourself since you already splurged for the permanent variety, but that can be extremely dangerous with the amount of energy involved let us help you. Letting our professionals handle installation will help ensure that everything is set up properly and will avoid any mishaps from occurring down the road. As Crofton residents we all rely heavily on electronics, think of everything you use throughout the day that has to be plugged in or charged, what would you do if there was no electricity to keep those things running? Save the money you have spent to fill the freezer.  Keep the family gathering over the holidays healthy and fun with dependable power. A generator grants customers the peace of mind they need through storms and disasters.  Our Crofton Electricians are ready to help with all your electrical power needs in Crofton Maryland.

Emergency Backup Generator electrician Crofton MD

Electrician in Crofton – 10/6/17

 Bathroom Lights & Fans in Crofton

Remodeling a bathroom can be a simple and effective process when dealing with professional experienced electricians in Crofton MD.  Our consistent process improvements allow us to grow in experience and happy customers while building lifelong relationships.  When we hear from a customer a few years after helping on a project we are pleased to hear they have moved into a larger space that better fits their family.  Often it means a little help in renovating and that often leads to the bathroom and kitchen areas.  In this case it was a new multi-use light and fan for the bathroom.   We can help you find the latest in options or even something unique and to your specific style.  Nutone Lighting and fans are popular with many homeowners for their bathroom light and fan combinations.  It helps to serve two functions and save space.  Our Crofton Electricians are ready to help with all your residential, business and commercial electrical contracting needs.  A Free Estimate is a good way for us to get to know each other, Ready? 410-451-0200

Electrician in Crofton for Bath Fan and Lighting


Electrician in Crofton – 9/29/17

 Lights & Lighting in Crofton

As electricians in Crofton MD we get to help with finding great lights.  When you are looking to renovate, remodel or build an addition we can help with all your lighting and electrical needs.  The proper planning from the start goes a long way in getting a pleasant space to enjoy for years and years.  Knowing the county electrical codes is important in keeping on schedule and having a good building experience in Anne Arundel County MD.  We have decades of combined experience as commercial and residential electrical contractors in Maryland and we can help from beginning to end to keep your project going smoothly.

Electrician in Crofton for Lighting

Give us a call for a Free Estimate and help with all your Electrical contracting needs in Crofton Maryland 410-451-0200


Electrician in Crofton – 9/22/17

 Aluminum Wiring conversion to Copper Wiring

When it comes to safety and electrical fires you might have heard that Aluminum wiring is at fault.  As licensed electricians in Crofton we get more than our fair share of calls to help with aluminum wiring.  Our experience in both home and commercial electrical services including electrical panel upgrades to meet or exceed code will increase safety and bring you greater functionality.  Older aluminum wiring was not engineered for today’s “loads” or needs as we are using more electrical devices in the home and business in Crofton.  Aluminum Wiring Electrician in Crofton MD

You might remember a family “get together” when the electrical breaker “trips” or “goes out.”  In most cases and in layman’s terms this happens when too many devices are in use on the same electrical circuit.  Many older homes have this happen around Thanksgiving when the kitchen is in full use.  For example an electric stove, mixer, lights and outlets in use will bee too much for a circuit and the breaker in the electrical panel will need reset.  However when aluminum is in the equation occasionally an outlet will overheat and cause a spark or even a fire.  Either case makes for a dangerous condition where people can be hurt and property damage is almost certain.  Copper wiring is a much better choice and is now the standard for electrical code in Crofton and throughout Maryland.  As a locally owned and operated electrical contractor in Crofton we want to be sure every customer has peace of mind and quality service.

Changing Aluminum wiring over to Copper wiring is a good choice and is an affordable to make your home a little safer.  Copper wiring is a more attractive asset when you are ready to sell and an important question when you are buying a house.  Being that aluminum was used in our area between 1965 through 1973 that also means that the wiring is over 43 years old.  Upgrading your wiring can bring significant added functionality for more outlets, game rooms, basement remodeling and over all electrical lighting in your Crofton home.   So investing in your home can add value and make it more enjoyable for you, your family gatherings and holiday parties.  We have great results in converting aluminum to copper wiring and even offer a Free Estimate410-451-0200


Electricians in Crofton – 9/15/17

 Outdoor Outlets

A Crofton electrician can help you enjoy later into the evening with a safe and convenient outdoor outlet.  You might be interested in extending your time outside with but need a little music? Charge your phone or tablet?   Perhaps you enjoy working from home on your laptop and need a little electrical outlet on the porch.  From a simple, safe outlet to a large number of outlets your trusted Electrician in Crofton can help.  We love the smile on a home owner’s face when a job is well done.  It often occurs when a small investment into making a long term improvement to your property.

Electrician in Crofton outdoor outlet install

Almost nothing is worse than getting a phone call from a Crofton homeowner who has had a fire when they tried running a cord out a window and into the yard.  There are a lot of things in life that you can save a couple dollars and still be safe – Live Electrical Wires are Not One of Them.

When sparks fly we hope that it’s metaphorical and something great is going on in your life.  Not from a live wire in the moisture of the the early morning and an electrical cord worn bare from scratching and cut against the door or window jam.  Long term saving and a lot more safety for you family is worth the call.  Our Crofton electricians are very personable, polite and easy to work with.  We can help with that outdoor outlet, lighting, motion sensor or garage upgrade.  You’ll be glad you called when looking for the “Electrician near me” in Crofton Maryland.

Call for:

  • Free Estimate
  • Experience of a Licensed Electricians
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Locally Owned and Operated right here in Crofton MD
  • Personal Safe Service


Electricians in Crofton – 9/8/17

 Switches and Controls

Lighting, Lights, switches, outlets and more electrical options in Crofton Maryland is more complex than ever.  Not to worry we have you covered.  Our Crofton Electricians keep up to code and ahead of the learning curve with training.  You’ll hear several types and names for switches; 3 way switches, 3 pole, double pole, single pole…  You might want to be able to turn a light on or off from multiple locations in your home.  Not a problem!  We can create the circuits that you need in your new construction or existing home or business right here in Crofton.  Our electrical industry connections can help to bring the right options, equipment and services with affordable prices.

Crofton Electricians

So when you are ready for a more functional and efficient electrical system or if you are looking to be safer with replacing that old Aluminum wiring with copper we are ready to help.  Being polite, and respecting your home is more than just good manners it’s what has helped us to build a reputation for success with great communication, planning on schedule and on budget.  That’s why we start off with a Free Estimate!  Ready for yours?  We are the “Electrician near me” in Crofton Maryland.  410-451-0200

Electrician Near Me in Crofton


Electricians in Crofton – 9/1/17

 Outdoor Safety Lights and Outlets

Electricians in Crofton spend a significant amount of time helping with electrical safety.  Outdoor “post lighting” can help with safety of you and your family because it can put light out away from the home.  It gives you distance to be able to see who is approaching much earlier than a house mounted light.  Post lighting can be activated from the safety of home or in some cases even from your phone when you are miles away.  Motion sensors can also be used to activate the post light.  We are experienced with post lighting and can help as your trusted Crofton Electricians.

Post Lighting in Crofton

Outdoor Electrical Outlets in Crofton Maryland

Our Crofton electricians get inquiries about “How to add an outdoor outlet.”  It is best for your safety and in most cases to keep your homeowner’s insurance in compliance to have a licensed electrician to install your outdoor outlets.  While it might seem simple and some youtube sensation may say it’s safe.  However electricity and the elements don’t mix well.  Think of the driving rain, the ice storms, Crofton high humidity, freezing rain, snow and kids in the community and you’ll probably come to the wise decision to call a professional and reduce your risk and your home safety.  A few dollars can get that outdoor outlet installed properly and your insurance policy will still be in effect.  Being licensed, insured, bonded electricians in Crofton brings a good feeing when helping the community.  We know the electrical code, when to call utility services and when to get a permit.  That keeps you safe and covered.  Outdoor outlets can help cut down on time to do the yard work, allows for power when special occasions crop up.  Give us a call when you are ready to upgrade the functionality and safety of your home with electricians in Crofton Maryland.Crofton Electricians for outdoor outlets

Outdoor Wall Lighting in Crofton

Now that the front post is well lit and the outlets are in place you can consider upgrading the front of house, wall lighting.   With a wide variety of choices in lighting and function you can tailor your results that you want to the needs you have.  Perhaps it’s a good idea to add new wall lights to an area that has been a “blind spot” since the house was built?  Maybe it’s time to upgrade the style of the home to make a first impression to visitors.  If you are looking for another level of safety you can check into our options for powerful lighting choices as they flood light onto the front yard.  Front house lighting electricians in Crofton

Our Crofton Electricians can help with your choice, installation and upgrade your lighting to keep you a little safer.  Give us a call.  You’ll be excited that you did!  410-451-0200


Crofton Electricians Reviews

You’ll find our reviews across the web, here are just a few of our latest.

Angie’s List

Installed seven recessed lights in our home kitchen

It went exceptionally well, the contractors were on time and completed the installation in a timely manner. Once the project was completed an outside ceiling contractor was commissioned to patch up the ceiling for the home owner to fully complete the painting of the ceiling. From a dull lit kitchen with shadows to a well lit kitchen with all around lighting, a dimmer switch was not needed or required

Google Reviews

The crew arrived on time, installed our new LED kitchen lights, two ceiling fans and replaced our old outside flood lights with new LED floods. They cleaned up and vacuumed when they were done we were extremely happy with the workmanship. The owner Nick even stopped by to make sure I was happy with the job. 5 Star

Judy’s Book

Nick delivered as promised. Work done in timely manner as planned at the original estimate. No hidden surprised. Will recommend to all. Chuck S

Yelp Reviews of Haramis Electric

Nick was friendly and personable, definitely someone that you feel comfortable inviting into your home. The repair was quick and he explained what was wrong. I would definitely call him again if I run into trouble. Thanks, Nick!

Electricians in Crofton – 8/25/17

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Are you ready for a change to your home’s outdoor lighting?  Crofton electricians get the opportunity to help you with bringing a clearly lit pathway to your door.  We know it’s important for everyone in the home to be able to see their way around the house after dark.  That may include seniors in the home or older visitors, grandparents and friends.  Having the right outdoor lighting for your Crofton home is important for security as well.

A well light front of your home will go a long way in deterring would be thieves and general mischief.  It’s well documented that burglars are looking for the easiest path to stealing and a well lit house can discourage trouble.  With proper outdoor lighting you can look out the window and see who is knocking, who is driving by and who is walking by your Crofton home.

We can help with all your choices for outdoor residential lighting in Crofton.  Installing flood lights is no problem with our decades of experience and industry connections to lighting manufacturers.  With more choices than ever, like LED, CFL and standard lights you can control the space around the outside of your home at a surprisingly affordable price.  Monthly utility bills are barely effected when using the latest in efficient lighting options.  Give us a call and we’ll bring you up to date, safer and more secure with outdoor, residential lighting in Crofton Maryland.

Electricians for outdoor lighting in Crofton


Outdoor House lighting in Crofton

Electricians in Crofton – 8/18/17

Ceiling fan installation in Crofton is a common request for residential, business and commercial spaces.  Fans have both “form and function” as they look nice and circulate air to keep us a little cooler.  Ceiling fan designs have come a long way and there is a large variety of choices to fit your style and decor.  As electricians in Crofton we get to keep you safe with quality installation with wiring that runs through attics and other spaces that can be challenging.  It is important to use a professional licensed electrician to keep up to code, safe and covered by home insurance.  Home and business fires that occur from a DIY project are extremely expensive and can be avoided.  Ceiling fans are good choices to update your rooms and entire house as well as save a few days of air conditioning bills every season.

Electricians Ceiling Fan Install in Crofton

Ceiling Fan installer in Crofton

Combining ceiling fans and lighting can solve two problems at once.  Getting a room well lit and cool can mean more effective study time for the kids as well as high morale and effective work.  We all know that when the temperatures rise, tempers can flare and this makes the entire family miserable.  Investing in the home and making a special project for the kids can show them the care and attention that creates a special place.   As electricians in Crofton we look forward to working with you to create a space that creates memories for a lifetime.

Electricians in Crofton, Ceiling fan with light

Commercial Ceiling Fans for Business, Crofton Electricians

This works for businesses and commercial buildings as well.  Walking into a business with hot, humid, still air often means that potential shoppers are going to leave sooner and engage less.  Creating a pleasant and attractive place to welcome your customers puts them at ease and shows your attention to detail.  Ceiling fans are more efficient than previous models, that means lower monthly utility bills for you and a more comfortable space for your patrons.  As electricians in Crofton we have the industry connections and experience to bring you more dependable fans as well.  This means they perform better, move more air and you’ll know the quality matches your choice.

Working in a space employees can get a boost in morale when working in a comfortable space.  You can get at least 4 benefits from a single ceiling fan installation.

  • Air Flow
  • Cooler Work Space
  • Add a light to increase safety and increase productivity
  • Increase Style and Ambiance

When employees or tenants see that your business or management team cares about the workspace they are more apt to reciprocate and become more productive.  Working more effectively is a goal of every successful business.  As Electricians in Crofton we know this first hand.  Having a ceiling fan installed safely and to code is a Short Term investment into your business that can bring Long Term Results in Savings and Productivity.  We’re ready to work with you as the friendly, commercial electricians in Crofton.  Looking for an electrician near me? Call 410-451-0200




Haramis Electric Reviews

Electricians in Crofton – 8/11/17

Indoor lighting in Crofton comes in many styles and tastes.  Some will go with modern lighting and fans, others will go with a “retro” or “classic” design.  We’ve seen it all and are glad to help you with whatever you choose.  From antique looking lights with a modern flair of an adjustable or variable controls to the latest recessed, directional or even spotlight accented lighting.  Making your home your own can show off your trend setting design ideas.  Sometimes changing a single light change a room, the feeling of the room and the feeling of the evening.

Classic Lights or Modern Lights?

Indoor lighting electricians Crofton

With variable aka “rotary” lighting switches you can change the intensity of light and that also has a dramatic effect of the mood of a room.  You may be looking for a soft, warm, yellow light for a quiet evening which can work well and give a “candle like” evening.  Or you can turn that same light switch up to its highest setting and light the room for kids to stop in and eat at the table.  One indoor light with a “dimmer or rotary” light can adjust the lighting and feel of the room to match the event.

Residential Indoor Lighting in Crofton

Electricians indoor lighting Crofton

Part of a lighting fixture’s allure is the shadow pattern that it throws against the rooms walls, ceiling and floor of our Crofton homes.  Lights are great for bringing us the needed ability to see clearly as we move through the room, eat a meal or enjoy our hobbies.  However it can also be used to set the tone for a night of conversation with friends and family.  Shadows on the ceiling can have old friends intrigued with your new addition to the room and spark old stories and memories from the past.  Haramis Electricians in Crofton know the power of lighting and we are glad to work with your wild and exotic tastes as well as your standard and modern styles.

Indoor Lighting in Crofton Maryland

Lighting Shadows in Crofton

Looking for a classic or modern look you want safety and functionality for your lighting.  You want a dependable, polite, friendly electrician in Crofton.  We have built a reputation on getting all your electrical needs done correctly, working as expected, on budget and on schedule.  We want to do it right and exceed your expectations.

Lighting Electrician in Crofton

You have a great variety of lights from which to choose, LED, Standard, Classic, Antique or Modern design for your home.   We’re ready to bring you a Free Estimate to prove our work ethic and see why so many people have chosen Haramis as their Electrician in Crofton.

Electricians in Crofton – 8/4/17

Outdoor lighting can vary widely with your style and taste, as Electricians in Crofton we excel in working with your ideas.  You may be interested in lighting a path to make it a little safer for visitors and seniors at your home.  Perhaps you are looking to light up the front or back of your home to accent certain features or increase safety as you let would be burglars know that your home is NOT an easy target.  As electricians in Crofton we get the importance of doing the job correctly from the beginning and that includes the integral part of listening to the plans, ideas and goals of your style and dreams.

Outdoor Lighting in Crofton

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Our industry connections can help to find that perfect piece that fits in, or accents the space that you are looking to convert from plain and typical to amazing and eye popping to your visitors.  We bring affordable solutions to all aspects of electrical services in Crofton without cutting the corners on SAFETY.  We know the standards and codes that are needed to bring you a great looking and functioning home.

Crofton electricians Outdoor lighting

We can help with the combination ceiling fan and light as well as the flood light system on sensors and remotes to bring you safety and ease of use.  Our decades of combined experience will be brought to every job, every light, outlet and even a complete renovation.  We look forward to showing you why our many reviews and testimonials are impressive humbling at the same time.

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Give us a call and you’ll see why some many others look to us as the trusted residential electricians in Crofton Maryland.   410-451-0200

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Crofton electricians get the satisfaction of working with homeowners in bringing safe, beautiful indoor lighting to a finished product.  When you are looking for the perfect match for your hallway decor, kitchen or bathroom we have the industry connections to bring you the light you are looking for to accent the remodeling project.  We’re ready to bring electrical outlets and lights to your whole house remodel, kitchen or bath remodel.  If you are considering finishing off a basement or an addition you’ll want to give our electricians in Crofton Maryland a call at the earliest stage.  We can help with the inspection and advice needed to make your project move smoothly and efficiently.  When a new circuit is needed to bring outlets, lighting and even special lighting to set the mood of a pool table room, game room, man cave, big screen TV, or movie room we know the importance of getting it right.  We can work with you to bring innovative ideas and new lighting components.  Our ability to stay on schedule, on budget and work with other contractors efficiently has helped to grow our reputation as go-to electricians in Crofton and across central Maryland.  You want a smooth running, on time project whether it’s an outlet replacement or a complete home renovation.  All your electrical contracting needs are important and we are ready to help with them all like; smoke detectors, changing out the hallway light, ceiling fans, bathroom and kitchen GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets.  If you are looking to large scale commercial and business electrical solutions we have the staff, experience, equipment and business skills to bring your project to completion.  Give us a call as your trusted electricians in Crofton Maryland. 410-451-0200

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Electrician Crofton – 7/21/17

As Electricians in Crofton Maryland we get to help homeowners with outdoor lighting.  Our industry connections allows us to offer the widest variety in style and design as well as innovative and standard.  Outdoor lighting can be simple and functional or it can be dramatic and bring attention to the perfect areas of your Crofton home.  Lighting is more than running wire and installing a lighting fixture – it is about listening to the homeowner and understanding the need and design goals.  Perhaps you are looking for a way to accent a component of your landscaping with low wattage lighting?  Or light a path for safety at your home or business so that you can provide a “trip free” zone for visitors in the evenings.  Dock and boat house lighting are popular outdoor lighting.  Being able to walk safely after an evening of enjoying the water is much better than a trip and fall.

Helping older Crofton residents, parents and grandparents to walk safely is not only a bump or bruise but can be a broken bone or dislocated joint.  Safety is a great concern and we understand that.  As locally owned and operated electricians in Crofton we know the importance of a great reputation and attention to every last detail.  We want to make sure everything works from a single outlet installation to a complete house re-wiring, aluminum wiring replacement, electrical panel upgrade, kitchen or Bathroom remodel.  We’re ready to work with your business or commercial space to bring excellence in outdoor lighting for large spaces.  We have the staff and equipment to bring your commercial project or your home the outdoor lighting solutions that only the best electricians in Crofton Maryland can.

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Outdoor lighting in Crofton

Electrician Crofton – 7/14/17

Ceiling fans for residential, businesses and commercial buildings are common installations for electricians in Crofton.  When done properly high ceiling fans can move massive amounts of air and help circulation in the home, office and commercial space.  This allows for a more comfortable environment as moving air will feel cooler.  Aiding in circulation of hot air near the top of the structure to the middle and even floor of the building allows for a more even temperature throughout the room.  Often open air structures like pavilions, auto repair garages and eateries can gain significant drop in temperature and increase in comfort with a simple, quality ceiling fan installation in Crofton MD.  Electrical wiring and installation of fans should be done by a licensed, bonded and insured electrician in Crofton to ensure a safe place to work, live and play.

Electrical lighting in Crofton Maryland can help to transform a room in the home or at the office.  When you are looking to change the function of a room you will probably be looking to change the lighting.  A dark basement renovation can turn into a well lit track or recessed lighting impact and can increase home value, resale value or a newly functional space for you and your family.  Lighting for the commercial space or small business can improve productivity, reduce accidents and improve morale.  As the leading electrician in Crofton we’ve helped so many and we can bring you results that will impress you from beginning till the very end.

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You don’t have to take our word as a superior electrical contractor in Crofton – here’s what our reviews have to say:

Nick delivered as promised. Work done in timely manner as planned at the original estimate. No hidden surprised. Will recommend to all.

Chuck S. Pasadena, MD

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Electricians in Crofton – 7/07/17

This time of year we get to enjoy a great number of projects as Electricians in Crofton Maryland. Enjoying helping a family to design and bring their outdoor lighting ideas to final completion makes their home safer and more attractive.  When properly lit a dramatic effect can bring a previously dull and unused area into a fun space to use into the evening hours.  A well lit outdoor space can let burglars know that this house is not the one to target.  Safer walkways, driveway and front porch steps can all be achieved with proper lighting.  Outdoor lighting in Crofton is more affordable than ever with innovative equipment, lights and colors.  We are ready to help as your electricians in Crofton MD.

Home renovations needs a trusted and professional electrician in Crofton homes.  It is rewarding to bring a homeowners dreams to life and often bring new ideas in home entertainment systems, lighting, electrical outlets and entire circuits when additions to homes.  Often we get to help right from the beginning with design and ideas that include the latest in materials and options to make the long term use of the new space in the home more enjoyable and even save your money with efficient electrical systems and innovations as the leading electricians in Crofton Maryland.

Other times electricians in Crofton are needed to help with more timely repairs like aluminum wiring removal and replacement.  What used to be allowed as proper code for the electrical needs of homes and businesses are no longer safe with the loads and uses.  Today we see a more wide variety of devices which draw more use and heavier loads on startup and prime time uses.  When your circuits “trip the breaker” or “fail” and drive you into a dark basement to solve the issue you should notice the need for a proper electrical inspection to solve the root issue.  Delaying the repair and solution can not only be annoying to a gathering at your house but can also be dangerous.  House fires are often related to an outdated circuit, aluminum wiring is fatiguing and causing dangerous conditions when a simple investment into your home will not only make you safer but also increase your home value and make another great selling point.

No matter if you are looking for attractive, eye popping curb appeal with outdoor lighting, a few extra outlets, fixing a breaker or outdated circuit or bringing safety and resale to your Crofton we can help you.  We have helped so many others and you can read our numerous on-line reviews across the web as we have built a great reputation.  We want to do it right and bring you stellar results when we serve you are electricians in Crofton Maryland.Electricians in Crofton Maryland

Electricians Crofton – 6/30/17

As electricians in Crofton Maryland 21114 we are glad to help with basement remodels and laundry room upgrades. It is a good feeling when you have the opportunity to invest into your home and increase your living space in your Crofton home. Being more efficient with a well planned utility room, washed and dryer can save time and money while increasing your free time to enjoy your hobbies instead of wasting it on a weak or undersized washer / dryer. When updating your home it is important to find a trusted Electrician in Crofton Maryland, 21114.

Basement remodeling with Crofton Electricians

Finishing a basement with a room for enjoying the big game, extra bedroom or office can increase your home value and we can help as a electrical contractor in Crofton with wiring, lighting, outlets, special lines for the TV and entertainment system. Lighting sets the mood for a room and our decades of combined experience can be put to use for you with the perfect lighting so that the TV room is well lit but also is not glaring in your eyes while enjoying the event with friends and family. Starting with a good design is important as it saves time and money along with making the space more enjoyable, functional and the COOL factor! Crofton Electricians can suggest mood lighting, location of lights and entire circuits to fit not only with the current plans but the future as well. When you work with someone you can trust and share your whole house designs you save money as it is more efficient to have the electrical panel and circuits done properly from the start rather than have to upgrade when you decide to add a bathroom or upgrade the laundry / utility room later. Give us a call and see what it’s like to work with the best electrician in Crofton MD 21114.

Electricians in Crofton upgrade Laundry Rooms

When it comes saving time for the weekend and hobbies it often means a more efficient way to do the chores needed to keep a family running smoothly and cleanly. Laundry is a large time consumer and we all have it. When a utility room is undersized and has small, inefficient washer & dryer combinations a simple task can take 2 or 3 times to complete. Many older homes in Crofton will have an issue with adding a electric washer to the utility room because the wiring is not ample, nor safe. As electricians in Crofton we have helped many with upgrading the electric when a utility is needed to be expanded and become more efficient so that time can be used on family and friends rather than monotonous chores.
Lighting in the laundry room can also be a cause of frustration. When buzzing, old fluorescent tubes are the source of light in older Crofton homes the space and time can seem even more annoying and changing those tubes, ballasts and fixtures can be time consuming and even hard for homeowners to find. Nice lighting can make tasks in the laundry room safer, quicker and more organized. We can help with updating your laundry room to a more efficient, organized level as your trusted electrician in Crofton MD 21114.Electricians Crofton MD

Electricians Crofton – 6/23/17

Your Electric Panel in Crofton is a very integral part of a electric system that works efficiently and keeps you safe.  If you are having issues with circuits failing, lights dimming, outlets overloading or other electric failures and your panel is older there is a good chance you are in need of an upgrade.  As time passes our electrical usage can change and that puts a strain or “load” increase on your circuits which can cause failure.  Good design and engineering of the initial electrical system in your home can go a long way but over decades codes are updated and loads can overwhelm decades old design.  This is the right time to contact the best electrician in Crofton.

Starting at the panel will allow us to inspect your system for the root problems that can come along and cause the issues you are experiencing with your electric in Crofton. We often find things like aluminum wiring which is tell tale sign that we can help in making a large difference in the performance and safety.  Aluminum was used when copper was scarce and construction codes were much different than today.  When heavy loads are put through aluminum wiring over long periods of time even fires can occur.  It is very important to take action with a professional electrician in Crofton when aluminum wiring is present.

As electricians in Crofton we can help with home improvements which convert a single room or large space which is converted into a higher use area.  Basements can become “man caves” or “club basements” which often is a great way to improve a home’s resale value. It also can bring friends and family together to watch a big game, celebrate a reunion or holiday.  This can increase the uses in that new space and it is important to work with a Crofton Electrician who is experienced and knows the importance of listening to the homeowner to understand the uses and needs for this new space.  Good communication and caring about the details is not only good manners but good business.  We pride ourselves on the highest customer service and getting the job completed to bring you the highest value as a locally owned and operated electrician in Crofton MD.

Electricians in Crofton MD

Electricians in Crofton – 6/16/17

When you find an overloaded circuit, hot outlets, dimming lights it’s time to call your Electricians in Crofton MD.  we are ready to help with your commercial and residential outlets.  We can help with the everyday needs to the more complex issues of overloaded circuits to upgrade your electrical system and bring you up to code as well as a more dependable system for all those new electrical gadgets we all love.  As time passes technology grows and that often means more electric devices.  From charging the family phones to wiring for the new big screen you may be putting more strain on your Crofton Maryland home.

When many of the homes in the area where built the codes were different and the needs were also lighter.  In extreme cases aluminum wiring was used and that can be a serious issue and need replaced with copper to bring you a safer more reliable electrical system in Crofton.  When heavier loads like washers, dryers and electric water heaters are newly installed you will want to have that circuit looked at by a professional to see if the proper design can handle the new appliances.  Commercial businesses often expand their needs as their customers grow so does the need for more staff and equipment.  That new equipment is a good thing as you invest in your future and making sure that the electrician in Crofton who does the design and installation is licensed, bonded and insured.

We stand behind our work from a simple outlet installation to a commercial job with a Free Estimate and Upfront pricing for all our work as Electricians in Crofton MD.  You want someone who has the experience and will be there in the future.  As a locally owned and operated business we are here for the long haul and that leads you to a peace of mind knowing that we stand behind our work.  You probably have questions and we’re glad you do, we pride ourselves on Personal Service that is second to none.  Our reputation is very important to us and we test everything 100% to ensure that you have the electrical solutions for the best home renovation, new home construction or electrical panel upgrade.  Give us a call, we can help you and you’ll see we’re the best electricians in Crofton MD.Electricians in Crofton MD

Crofton Electricians – 6/9/17

Outdoor lighting is a service that we provide as electricians in Crofton MD 21114.  There are a lot of good reasons to consider upgrading your external lighting.  In several cases we add an outlet so that a home has more options when enjoying their landscaping and yard in the evenings.  Outdoor Lighting for Security is a main concern as a well lit area will serve as another step to deter unwanted visitors and burglars around your Crofton home.  Electrical outdoor lighting can also help to keep you Safer as we are rushing in and out of the house.  A well lit pathway, pool, sitting area, porch or yard can help to keep your family and visitor from making a wrong step and ending up with a twisted ankle or worse.  Nothing ruins an evening gathering faster than someone getting hurt.  Good outdoor lighting can help.  Curb Appeal & Home Value can change dramatically with lighting.  As Crofton Electricians we get to work with some amazing Crofton businesses including photographers, landscapers, realtors and security professionals.  They all agree that a well lit outside of the home can make a large difference in the first impression.  Trying to sell a dark dreary house can take months longer than one with curb appeal from the proper lighting.  Accent lighting, Up lighting and Cross lighting can all help to tell a unique story about your home. Saving Money is another consideration when considering outdoor lighting.  External lighting in Crofton has come a long way in technology and can that will mean savings for you.  With more technology you have more control over your lighting with timers and remote controls.  There are many low wattage solutions which will keep your money in your pocket.  It is amazing how efficient and low cost outdoor lighting can be in Crofton MD, 21114.  We know the electrical codes for Crofton and all of Maryland.  Our experience as Electricians in Crofton can help with your lighting Security, Safety, Curb Appeal and Savings. 

Electrician for Crofton outdoor lighting

Electricians Crofton – 6/2/17

With the Wide variety of lighting choices you will be glad to know about our experience as electricians in Crofton, MD.  You want someone in your home, business, or commercial project who has the experience and attention to detail that you can trust.   We believe we are the perfect size electrical contractor in Crofton.  Not too small to be able to handle any size project. Not too large to have lost our care and attention for your details in your project.  We are in the sweet spot of our company’s life cycle as we have a great trained staff who can handle electrical needs and share the wisdom that comes from working as a great unit to solve any electrical issue from home improvement projects lighting to breaker, boxes, electrical panels, Aluminum wire replacement, outlet and switch repair, replacement and installation.  If you have any need of we can fill it as the best electrician in Crofton MD. Electricians in Crofton MD, 21114

Electricians Crofton – 5/26/17

As Electricians in Crofton, MD we sometimes get contacted at the beginning of a project and sometimes closer to the end.  Using a licensed, bonded, honest electrician for projects in Crofton is not only smart but it’s also following Code and the law.  When home improvement projects get planned it’s a great thing to give us a call and we can help to work with you and probably save you considerable money.  Anne Arundel county electrical code is important to keep you safe and your home owners insurance to cover you if any accidents happen.  It is never a good situation to come in as an electrician and see where a fire has started due to poor electrical installation.  We really enjoy working with homeowners and businesses from the start to help with the proper fit form and function of projects.  Our decades of combined experience as electricians in Crofton means that we can often find an economical solution to what effect your lighting is trying to accomplish.  Often we can find the manufacturers best product to fit your home improvement dreams and mood lighting.  Give us a call for all your trusted concerns as our reputation grows as the best electricians in Crofton MD 21114.Crofton MD Electrical Contractors

Electricians Crofton – 5/19/17

If you live in an older home and the power “Goes out” when you plug in “too many” things you might want to call your Electrician in Crofton MD, 21114. Course this mini “power outage” happens in newer Crofton homes as well. In short electric circuits are designed to hold the proper amount of load. When circuits are overloaded they can draw too much and cause a circuit breaker to “fail.” This keeps us safe however it is frustrating to learn that in the middle of an important event, like Thanksgiving has to pause so that we can “flip the breaker.” A call to Haramis electric can help to assess the issue and see if there was a poor design and it can be remedied or further action needs to be taken. As electricians in Crofton we enjoy helping and making us all a bit safer.Electricians in Crofton MD 21114

This mini electrical power outage is more likely in older homes where the design was intended for a lighter load when fewer electrical devices were being used in our Crofton homes and businesses. Now we have more devices, more charging, more time and effort changing appliances and this makes for a larger load at the same time, in the same place. You may be even more confused if you notice the power goes out and checking your electric panel as not flipped breakers. The images shown here are examples of older GFCI “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” and these can “trip” which will keep the circuit from overloading however the circuit will not work. This means your outlets, lights or other electrical devices will not work even though the breakers in the electrical panel show no problem. You can remove the load from this circuit by turning off or unplugging any devices which were drawing power. Then pushing the reset button on the GFCI you will fix your issue at least temporarily. However be careful not to simply plug things back into this circuit and run them, as this will cause the failure again and again. A good long term solution is giving us a call as your trusted electricians in Crofton MD, 21114.Crofton Electrical GFCI


Crofton Electricians – 5/12/17

Electrical outlet neglect is an all too common cause for fires and accidental electrocutions. As Crofton electricians providing a wide range of services for homes, renovations, remodeling and new home construction we see electrical outlet and switch issues more than any other. One of the issues is older outlets, including aluminum wiring and half finished projects. Electricians in Crofton 21114 zip code


Home improvement in Crofton zip code of 21114 is always underway and sometimes emergencies happen and projects get delayed. You should always use a licensed and insured electrician so that jobs don’t become “half done” with outlets and switches without the proper cover. As a responsible Crofton community member we stay in good standing and ongoing training with the Maryland State Board of Master Electricians as Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation it’s important to know all the local codes as a Electrician in Crofton, Anne Arundel county Maryland.

This is a simple task but too often it is left undone when a painting or renovation project gets interrupted. Leaving outlets and switches without a cover opens the door to accidental electrocution and exposure to the elements.
Many sun rooms, enclosed porches and decks in Crofton have outlets and switches near an open window. With spring and fall temperatures being quite comfortable many like to have the windows open and the screen allowing a nice breeze in and the bugs out. However spring showers can happen quickly and unexpectedly. With an open window and rain water coming down the wall your uncovered outlet is exposed. Even if the outlet or switch does not get water directly into the wiring the uncovered components will have more moisture getting to the metal parts of the outlet which can then corrode prematurely and cause a failure or worse. Keep yourself and your Crofton electricians happy and cover those outlets and switches.
Accidental electrocution can happen when a young child gets inquisitive and finds an open outlet. Tiny fingers can reach further into uncovered boxes. Even if a youngster cannot get their fingers into the outlet box they can be quite inventive and find things that CAN fit into the open outlet boxes and switches. Take the time to cover those outlets. If your home improvement project has stalled and you’ve put off finishing for an extended time call your trusted, electrician in Crofton and we can help with an experienced eye to finish that project safely.    410-451-0200


Electrical Companies in Crofton – 5/5/2017

Crofton homes and businesses looking for a trusted electrician to install the lighting or outlets for a renovation or a major upgrade for business expansion want trusted results.  We are proud of our decades of combined experience and relationships with other local Crofton Maryland homeowners, managers and company owners.  When aluminum wiring fails and dangerous conditions exist we know the importance of fast, accurate response.  Aluminum was used decades in the past and is no longer allowed to pass code for safety reasons.  We are experienced with solving complex electrical wiring issue in homes, condominiums, townhouses and commercial buildings.  Crofton, MD has over 27,000 people and our many of our electricians call Crofton home as we shop and travel the same roads you do.   If you are looking for a great value in all your electrical repairs renovations and expansions in Crofton MD 21114 give us a call and we can discuss your needs and keeping you comfortable. electrical Contractor Crofton MD 21114


Professional Electrical Company in Crofton MD 21114

Our personal values and services will stand out, as you deal directly with the company owner for electrical services and repairs in Crofton MD.  You’ll find we do it on time and under budget, free estimates.   Give us a call and get to know us personally and professionally.  We bring courtesy and professionalism from a single outlet to a complete commercial project in Crofton MD 21114.   410-451-0200